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Where is youth football heading?

Grassroots football is evolving more and more and so too are the tools helping future players. Meanwhile, Both clubs and institutions are working to be the best environments for these players to train. Some of these are UEFA, football federations of each country and technology companies. In addition, values are becoming more and more important in training. Read the following article to know how grassroots football is positioning itself for the coming years.

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Sport Extremadura - WISE

Sport Extremadura and the WISE concept

The club was born a little more than a year ago and thanks to its innovation it is already beginning to make a strong presence in Spanish women's football. Sport Extremadura, a club focused on women's and youth football, is 100% technological and is already setting trends. Find out why Sport Extremadura will be the talk of the town.

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Edmilson - OLIVER ambassador

World Cup winner and founder of his own club: meet the OLIVER ambassador.

José Edmílson, World Cup winner with Brazil in 2002, has been using OLIVER for more than two years at Ska Brazil, the club he founded. In the following article, we interviewed the Brazilian legend about training football, technology, the World Cup in Qatar - and his predictions - and why they decided to add more OLIVER devices to the club's structure for next season.

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