OLIVER GPS Technology: Empowering 28 Teams Worldwide This Summer

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The European summer has drawn to a close, and the results are in—OLIVER GPS technology has been embraced by 28 teams and academies from across the globe during this vibrant season. That's right, OLIVER welcomed a new team approximately every 3 days, a testament to the trust these teams place in the new generation of GPS technology.

What Goes on in Clubs During the Summer?

Summer has always held a special place in football, as it's the time when teams prepare their structures for the upcoming season. Players push their limits in training, and clubs seek fresh ways to enhance performance. Typically, it's when fitness coaches and coaches decide on the best GPS technology to accompany the team throughout the season.

This summer, OLIVER made significant strides in the world of football, both in the overall sport and in futsal in particular. Teams from different corners of the world decided that OLIVER was the best choice for the upcoming season. Undoubtedly, this new generation of GPS technology has showcased its versatility and effectiveness across all levels of football.

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OLIVER expanded not only to new teams but also to new countries, including Italy, Malta, Kuwait, Indonesia, and many more.

Why OLIVER? Insights from Users

Most teams that adopted OLIVER cited these reasons for acquiring their GPS trackers:

  • Affordability: OLIVER offers one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market while maintaining quality and accuracy comparable to, or even better than, solutions costing several thousand euros more.
  • User-Friendly: Many teams chose OLIVER because they fell in love with the platform during trials. One clear advantage is the platform's intuitiveness, eliminating the need for a team of data analysts, which is especially valuable for clubs with limited budgets.
  • Comfort: Players prefer wearing GPS devices on their legs rather than vests, which can be uncomfortable and cumbersome during training and matches.
  • Impressive Track Record: Several teams were referred to OLIVER by coaches or fitness trainers already using the technology. This was a common occurrence in futsal, where there aren't many GPS solutions tailored to the sport, and word of mouth became key..

GPS Tracker Futsal
Futsal, in particular, witnessed remarkable growth for OLIVER this summer, as OLIVER is the only device adapted 100% to this discipline.

The New #OLIVERTeams of This European Summer:

  • Dragões - Portugal
  • Bujalance FS - Spain
  • Rayo Majadahonda - Spain
  • UE Olot - Spain
  • CD Manchego - Spain
  • DPKS - Indonesia
  • Kuwait Sporting Club - Kuwait
  • CD Póvoa Futsal - Portugal
  • FC Semey - Kazakhstan
  • La Masia FC Barcelona - Spain
  • BCN Pro Soccer - Spain
  • Vyzas - Greece
  • Union Adarve - Spain
  • Academia Futbol Club - Uruguay
  • Marsaxlokk FC - Malta
  • CD Ariznabarra - Spain
  • Haladás VSE - Hungary
  • Akaa Futsal - Finland
  • Club Esportiu Maristes LLeida - Spain
  • Velez Oliva - Argentina
  • FC Santa Coloma - Andorra
  • RAM - Colombia
  • Can Vidalet - Spain
  • Meta Catania - Italy
  • Burela FS - Spain
  • Union Kalba Sports - United Arab Emirates
  • Club Patin Esneca Fraga - Spain
  • Fundació de la UE Cornellà - Spain

An Exciting Future

OLIVER is now a fixture in the training sessions and matches of more than 120 teams, a number that continues to grow month by month. This season's start marks another step forward for 28 teams seeking to boost their squad's performance and prevent player injuries with the new generation of GPS technology.

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