Football Teams Relying on OLIVER GPS Season After Season


More than 120 clubs choose OLIVER for their training and games, but some decide to go a step further and incorporate GPS technology for all their squads and teams. With the experience they have had with OLIVER, dozens of teams decide to take an extra step in the digitisation and professionalisation of their players.

The continued use of OLIVER, the definitive validation of its technology

In the exciting world of sport, technology is playing an increasingly vital role. Teams are constantly looking for ways to improve the performance, management and experience of their athletes. But what happens after the first purchase, why do so many teams choose OLIVER again?

More and more physical trainers and trainers are taking the leap to acquire their first set of units, where they can verify OLIVER's precision, quality, and functionality. Following a positive initial experience, many teams decide to expand the number of devices they acquire, integrating GPS technology into new squads, such as youth academies, women's teams, and even futsal.

Another point that explains teams' satisfaction with OLIVER is the excellent post-sale service and the Customer Support Area, a crucial tool for instructing teams on each new feature the product offers. This aspect undoubtedly meets the teams' needs for pursuing excellence in every training session and match.

From a dedicated team of individuals available to assist with product onboarding to a Help Center for resolving all kinds of inquiries and even a chat with a 95% customer satisfaction rate, the entire process is designed with the goal of maximizing the experience for physical trainers and coaches.

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OLIVER is a product that has been positioned in the GPS technology market for years thanks to its accessibility, quality and accuracy.

Why do teams choose OLIVER again?

After getting to know the product and its benefits, the vast majority of teams decide to renew their commitment to OLIVER and continue working with the new generation of GPS technology
Some of the most notable cases of OLIVER renewal or upselling include Ska Brasil (Brazil), Comunicaciones (Guatemala), Estudiantes de la Plata (Ecuador), or Córdoba Patrimonio de la Humanidad Futsal (Spain), that after incorporating OLIVER into their senior squads, they chose to take advantage of and digitize their youth academies with the new generation of GPS technology

The reasons why teams choose OLIVER again primarily revolve around three key aspects:

  1. User-Friendly: Thanks to its highly intuitive interface, physical trainers and coaches save a significant amount of time compared to other GPS solutions.

  2. Elite-Level Data Quality: Teams gain access to highly precise metrics at a much more cost-effective price point compared to elite market technologies.

  3. User-Centric Support from Day One: As mentioned earlier, the Customer Support Area is highly valued by teams using OLIVER.

Success Story: FC Barcelona.

After incorporating OLIVER for "Barça Clinics," the next step was to equip Barça Academy. Some time later, the club decided to outfit La Masia with the same technology, thanks to the excellent results achieved. The experience was so successful that the Club's Innovation Department (Barça Innovation Hub) decided to invest in OLIVER.

"OLIVER is a very interesting tool that allows us to obtain objective information about what the players have done on the field and connect it with how the players believe they have performed"

Pau Casassa Busquets, Technical Director General, Barça Academy


"Cantera Digital": OLIVER's Program Chosen by Clubs with an Eye on the Future.

"Cantera Digital" (Spanish translation for "Digital Academy")  is OLIVER's proposal, not only available for one team but also adding various supplements to be able to have information about an entire club's academy, all categories, and all its players.

All the data collected is automatically stored on the platform, making all the information from every season available to the club. This allows for a complete player history, year by year, and provides precise insights into their development.

“OLIVER  is a tool that allows us to have the player's manual"

José Edmilson,  former Barcelona player and current president of SKA Brasil


Ska Brasil is one of the clubs that decided to digitize its youth academy with OLIVER.

In summary, the value proposition of "Cantera Digital" consists of three main items:

  • Special pricing starting from 50 units.
  • Historical player information at all stages of development.
  • Training and education on OLIVER´s Technology for the entire club staff.

"We can track how the athletic and technical abilities of a boy or girl have evolved since they joined the club at age 10 until, for example, they turn 18"

José González Ruzo, CEO of OLIVER

The GPS Tracker Preferred by Footballers

In summary, OLIVER has become a trusted partner for numerous sports teams, thanks to its cutting-edge technology and commitment to the success of its customers. Clubs that return for more know they are investing in a brighter future for their athletes and teams.

Furthermore, it's the players themselves who choose OLIVER again, as most say that returning to traditional bibs after experiencing the comfort of OLIVER is a path they would rather not take. The relationship between OLIVER and the teams goes beyond the first purchase; it's a partnership that drives long-term sporting success.

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