OLIVER Expands to Another Country for the Upcoming Season

Toronto United FC Canada

In the heart of Canada, in the city of Toronto, a football revolution is underway. Toronto United FC, a club with a unique football philosophy, is setting the stage for an attractive and offensive style of play that is changing the game.

Bringing OLIVER on board to empower their young players and further professionalize the sport, incorporating tools for the benefit of those who are part of the institution.

OLIVER Keeps Adding New Countries: Canada's Turn

As part of their commitment to player development and a visionary approach to the game, Toronto United FC has incorporated OLIVER into their training program. Thanks to this partnership, OLIVER is now making its mark in a new country, continuing its commitment to democratizing access to elite technology across all sectors of football. 

The partnership between Toronto United FC and OLIVER is a testament to their dedication to excellence. OLIVER´s Technology aligns perfectly with Toronto United's player-centric approach, providing valuable insights into player performance. By integrating GPS technology, they are not only revolutionizing their training but also demonstrating their dedication to nurturing creative and autonomous players.

Toronto United FC Canada
The club shapes the future stars of Canadian football day by day.

Toronto United FC, Fostering Players with Values

The club was founded with the clear goal of providing comprehensive training to its players. That's why they chose four core values to instill in their young players:

Passion, Ambition, Community, and a Positive Environment.

These values guide the club's direction and encourage young players to be agents of change within their teams and society at large, demonstrating that clubs and sports play a crucial role in communities worldwide.

OLIVER in Youth Football Development

GPS technology is an increasingly favored tool for many clubs and academies, and OLIVER stands out from the rest of the solutions due to its accessibility, convenience, inclusivity, and user-friendliness.

OLIVER is the preferred GPS technology for young players, thanks to its accessibility and gamification features.

Dozens of academies, clubs, and campuses worldwide enhance their players' performance and prevent injuries through metric monitoring and training planning.

Tools like these encourage healthy competition, add another dimension of entertainment to training, and motivate young players to improve their metrics day by day.

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