Technology and Sports Science

Position-Specific Training How to Optimize Performance

Position-Specific Training: How to Optimize Performance

In modern football, specificity and specialization are key to maximizing players' performance on the field. Each position has unique physical, technical, and tactical demands, and tailoring training to these specific needs can make a significant difference in a team's performance. Here, we explore how to optimize performance in each role through position-specific training and the importance of complementing training with GPS technology.

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Psycology in Football

The Importance of Psychology in Sports Performance

In the world of sports, performance doesn't solely rely on physical ability and technique. The mind plays a crucial role in how athletes handle pressure, competition, and adversity. Sports psychology has become an essential tool for maximizing athletes' performance and well-being. In this article, we'll explore the importance of psychology in sports performance and how it can make the difference between success and failure.

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Campeón Futsal España

What Do the Futsal Champions of Spain and Italy Have in Common?

Futsal is a sport that demands a unique combination of speed, technique, and strategy. In the 2023-2024 season, three teams have demonstrated that they not only have the necessary skill and talent to become champions but also possess cutting-edge technology to enhance their performance. We are talking about Jimbee Cartagena and Burela FS in Spain, and Meta Catania in Italy, who have conquered their respective First and Second Division Futsal leagues.

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Big Data in Football

Data Analysis: The History of Big Data in Football

Football has long been a sport based on the intuition and experience of coaches and players. However, in the last decade, data analysis has significantly transformed the way football is understood and played. From basic statistics to advanced use of Big Data, data analysis is redefining strategies, performance, and success in modern football.

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The importance of GPS Technology

Pre-season in football: The importance of GPS Technology

Modern football is a sport that has become increasingly demanding in physical and tactical terms. Elite teams are constantly looking for new ways to improve the performance of their players and gain a competitive advantage over their rivals. In this context, GPS technology has emerged as an invaluable tool during pre-season, allowing coaches to monitor and optimise the physical conditioning of their players accurately and efficiently.

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OLIVER PRO in Poland

OLIVER PRO Expands to Poland

Eurobus Futsal Przemyśl has incorporated OLIVER PRO, continuing its mission to bring elite technology to all areas of sport. The Polish club will work with this sports performance monitoring technology to digitalise the club and keep making history in Polish futsal.

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Womens Footbal GPS Tech

Why is OLIVER PRO the best tool for women's football?

There is ample potential for growth in women's football, and it's imperative to have the appropriate tools in place to ensure the sport continues to make strides in history. Essential among these tools are Performance Monitoring Technologies and GPS Technology, which are becoming increasingly accessible to teams.

In this article, discover OLIVER PRO, a tool that is gaining more and more traction in women's football.

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