Futsal in Italy: OLIVER GPS Technology added a new team

Italy Futsal Gps Technology

The new generation of GPS technology is making its mark in the competitive world of Italian futsal, establishing its presence in the First Division. This step represents a unique opportunity for OLIVER in a market that shows promise for its technology, much like in Spain, where dozens of futsal teams have already adopted this innovative solution.

A Weighty Ally in Italian Futsal

This new "conquered territory" in OLIVER's history is the result of our collaboration with one of the standout teams in the Serie A Futsal in Italy, Meta Catania C5. In this way, the Sicilian team became the first Italian team to use OLIVER in their training and matches.

futsal en italia meta catania
Meta Catania seeks to enhance their performance and prevent injuries with OLIVER's technology.

Italy, a market to explore for OLIVER: Football is a passion that unites millions of people, and the four-time world champion country is no exception: football is the most popular sport. With nearly 850,000 players, over 11,000 clubs, and more than 50,000 teams, the country represents an opportunity for OLIVER's sustained growth. These numbers speak of a diverse market, from grassroots football to Serie A, covering both men's and women's football, and ranging from amateur to professional players. Italy is a territory where OLIVER can make a significant difference, providing access to elite technology to all sectors of Italian football.

Meta Catania C5: A Rising Giant

The club that has chosen to join us on this exciting journey is Meta Catania C5, a team that has proven its worth in the first division of Italian futsal. Under the guidance of their new coach, Juan Ramón Calvo Rodríguez (Juanra), who already had experience with OLIVER during his time in Hungary, the team is ready to face new challenges.

Meta Catania C5 is more than just a team; it is an institution with a rich history and a base of passionate supporters. OLIVER is proud to partner with a team that shares our vision of using technology to enhance sports performance.

Futsal, one of OLIVER's preferred disciplines

While OLIVER is a solution that has gained followers in all sectors of football, with over 120 teams using its devices, futsal was one of the sectors that quickly adopted OLIVER as its favorite GPS device. You can find more details about the revolution OLIVER is causing in futsal in this article from Diario AS. 

Futsal GPS Tracker
OLIVER is the GPS Tracker of choice for dozens of Futsal teams in more than 12 countries.

Why? Basically, for three main reasons:

  • Leg placement: Placing the device in a shin guard sock allows for football-specific metrics, such as shot power, the number of ball touches based on intensity, distance covered with the ball, and more.

  • Adaptability to indoor spaces: Thanks to the ability to do without GPS, this technology can provide accurate and quality data without the need for additional elements like antennas. OLIVER works for both indoor and outdoor spaces, only requiring specification on the platform before downloading the corresponding session.
  • Easy use of the platform: Thanks to excellent product development, one of the aspects most highlighted by fitness coaches and trainers is that it is very simple to use, allowing for clear readings and full utilization of the platform's benefits, without the need to hire a Data Analysis expert.

Jimbee Cartagena uses OLIVER to continue making history in the LNFS.

""Thanks to its quality-price ratio, OLIVER is one of the most attractive options for any club."

Fernando Guerrero, Physical Trainer. Jimbee Cartagena.

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