OLIVER SPORTS presents OLIVER PRO, The New Solution For Teams


At the beginning of December OLIVER became OLIVER SPORTS, starting a new era in Performance Technology. This new phase brings many new developments, and is sure to be a turning point in football and all sports.

GPS technology, now not just for football

The first new development is that, due to the large amount of demand from other disciplines, the OLIVER SPORTS team has added more versatility and capability to the technology and it is now possible to use OLIVER PRO in other sports, both indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to this update, basketball teams, rugby teams, hockey teams, and more can now use OLIVER PRO to enhance their performance and prevent injuries. 

While GPS and performance technology solutions exist for other sports in the past, they are extremely expensive. This creates a glaring gap between elite and non-elite, because in most sports the percentage of teams that have access to these technologies is even lower than in football.

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The mission of OLIVER SPORTS is to democratise access to quality performance technology to all athletes and teams around the world, so that no discipline or sport is excluded. *Illustrative image: BBC

OLIVER PRO. The placement options

While OLIVER was born as a solution that stood out for its placement on the leg and the possibility of accessing football metrics never seen before, OLIVER PRO brings as a novelty that it will have two formats: Placement in a vest or a calf-sleeve.

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With OLIVER PRO you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

This is because in other sports and some sectors of football, vest fitting has long been established, so providing users with both options is undoubtedly the best option.

Leg fitting is preferred by various sectors of football, such as women's football, futsal, and youth football, due to its ease of fitting and comfort. On the other hand, elite clubs tend to choose vests, because it is the modality they have been working with for years now, and changing that is not a priority right now.

What is OLIVER PRO used for?

OLIVER PRO is the right tool to enhance performance and prevent injuries, the two direct objectives of performance technology. 

Boosting performance

Thanks to the measurement of dozens of metrics, each coach and physical trainer can personalize training sessions, seeking to improve those aspects of the players that are less developed and enhance those that are already virtuous.

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Proper training planning is crucial for all teams.

In addition, the OLIVER PRO platform allows comparisons between players taking into account multiple variables, generating reports, and being able to access a lot of information clearly and concretely. In short, OLIVER PRO provides a lot of information, and in today's football, information undoubtedly maximizes sporting success.

Preventing injuries

This objective is achieved thanks to two main tools offered by this technology. Firstly, load control through precise metrics allows for much more adequate and professional training planning. This provides physical trainers with the necessary information to make the right decisions and to plan training sessions that would be unthinkable without Performance Technology.

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It is crucial to return at the right time to prevent re-injuries, to take care of the players, and to save the club avoidable medical costs.

On the other hand, OLIVER PRO offers a key metric: return to play. Through this metric and thanks to sports science, the platform performs a personalized follow-up of those players in recovery. This metric helps prevent re-injury by accurately reporting when a player is ready to safely return to a competitive level.

In addition. OLIVER PRO features an "Injury Dashboard", where fitness coaches can track each injury in detail. This dashboard helps to bring clarity to the overall squad situation and refine decision-making.

How to get OLIVER PRO?

To receive a detailed proposal and all the necessary information, please complete the form below👇 and an OLIVER SPORTS representative will contact you.

*en caso de que el formulario no funcione de manera correcta, puedes completar el formulario de nuestra página web: https://oliversports.ai/es/gps-futbol-equipos


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