UE Cornellà boosts its performance with OLIVER PRO

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In early December, OLIVER rebranded as OLIVER SPORTS, marking the beginning of a transformative era in Performance Technology. This relaunch brought with it the presentation of OLIVER PRO, the technological tool that UE Cornellà incorporated.

OLIVER PRO in vest format, the choice of UE Cornellà

The Catalan club decided to incorporate this technology to be able to monitor its players, prevent injuries, professionalize the squad and boost performance in pursuit of sporting success. This is why they chose OLIVER PRO because it is a GPS technology that is not only precise, reliable and extremely easy to use but also accessible and does not require a data analyst specialist or extra equipment such as cameras or antennas.

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UE Cornellà trains and plays its matches with OLIVER PRO

That is why since November the team of physical trainers of the club has been leading the use of this technology that has come to mark a before and after in sport. UE Cornellà's first team is already training with their vests and each player has an assigned device, which from training to training and match to match captures data and information that helps the coaching staff to improve decision-making and protect their players from injuries.

What is OLIVER PRO for?

OLIVER PRO is the right tool to boost performance and prevent injuries, the two direct goals of performance technology.

Boost performance

Thanks to the measurement of dozens of metrics, each coach and physical trainer can personalize the training, seeking to improve those aspects of the players that are less developed and enhance those that are already virtuous.

Tecnología de performance futbol
Planning training correctly is crucial for all teams.

In addition, the OLIVER PRO platform allows for comparisons between players taking into account multiple variables, generating reports and being able to access a lot of information clearly and concisely. In short, OLIVER PRO provides a lot of information, and in today's football, information undoubtedly maximizes sporting success.

Prevent injuries

This goal is achieved thanks to two main tools that this technology offers. First, load control through precise metrics allows for much more appropriate and professional training planning. This gives physical trainers the information they need to make the right decisions and a training plan that is unthinkable without Performance Technology. On the other hand, OLIVER PRO offers a key metric: return to play.

UE Cornellà's Youth Academy, betting on innovation

The club has reached an agreement with OLIVER SPORTS where players in its youth football can access its OLIVER devices at a discounted price, and where coaches and physical trainers will be the ones to help young people get the most out of the technology.

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UE Cornellà seeks to digitize the club to continue providing the best tools to its youth academy players.

The club is confident that digitization and professionalization is a path that will undoubtedly help the club grow, and that the young people who train there will have tools that are very difficult to find in many clubs.

This alliance not only strengthens Cornellà's position in the world of football but also demonstrates OLIVER SPORTS' commitment to bringing quality technology to all levels of sport. UE Cornellà and OLIVER PRO are forging a joint path towards the future of football.
This strategic partnership in the youth academy promises to digitize and professionalize the club, while young players reap the benefits of the latest technology and exclusive discounts. We are witnessing the perfect convergence between the tradition of football and technological innovation.

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