What is intensity in football? The case of OLIVER GPS

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Although GPS technology assists in various aspects, effectively utilizing the potential of intensity is what sets great physical trainers apart. Intensity is a crucial metric when it comes to improving team performance and planning training sessions.

What is intensity?

In short, "Intensity" is the acceleration and speed on average in a session (game or a training session). This metric is shown in the OLIVER application and platform as a percentage.

The "Intensity" of a session is a metric relative to each player and helps understand the level of demand of each session. In simple terms, it is a good reflection of the load of a session and is very important for planning training sessions. The most pursued goal by physical trainers concerning "Intensity" is to arrive in the best possible way to the games, avoiding injuries due to overload.

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The first metric you will see after downloading a session in OLIVER is the intensity and volume of the match or training you have played.

As mentioned, this metric is relative to each player, and a GPS technology like OLIVER allows visualizing how each player performed in a session correctly. This is important because the individualization of players and their metrics facilitates a correct physical preparation. The individualization of data is also of utmost importance in injury prevention.

How is intensity measured? The case of OLIVER.

Although there are different GPS devices, we will delve into the details of the OLIVER device. To compute "Intensity", the number of meters per minute travelled is taken as a reference in both acceleration thresholds (high of 2 to 3 m/s^2 and maximum >3 m/s^2), deceleration (high of -2 to -3 m/s^2 and maximum <-3 m/s^2), and in the total session.

The percentage difference between the maximum of each of those metrics achieved in the last four months and those obtained in the session will result in a percentage that will relativize the efforts of the most recent session. If the player maintains his metrics regarding his historical data, he will have 100% "Intensity" and the possibility of exceeding that limit as he continues training and improving. On the other hand, if the session's performance is lower than what he usually achieves, the computed "Intensity" will be less than 100%.

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CP Cacereño aims to become the third team in the First Division to utilize OLIVER.

How to prevent injuries in football?

In "OLIVER for players" and "OLIVER for teams," intensity is a metric used for load control. Thus, the risk of injury due to overload becomes minimal.

Additionally, the application monitors physical exertion over time and detects when a player may present an overload, notifying the user and indicating his physical status. Also, it provides a recommendation based on the player's load, advising and helping to reduce injuries.

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