Youth Football: Why OLIVER is the Top Choice for Clubs and Academies

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GPS technology has become an essential component in youth football for enhancing performance and minimizing injuries. However, some solutions also provide the added advantage of healthy competition and entertainment. OLIVER has effectively convinced numerous clubs and academies to adopt its device, owing to its optimal combination of sports, play, and education.

How does OLIVER work in youth football?

OLIVER´s GPS Technology offers coaches and trainers an advanced performance tracking system that provides a comprehensive view of players' performance. With this monitoring system, players can enhance their performance, prevent up to 45% of injuries, and gain a detailed understanding of their game.

In the world of youth football, OLIVER sets itself apart from other technologies by offering a value proposition that combines accessibility, playfulness and engagement. Unlike professional elite football, youth football often operates on tighter budgets and places less emphasis on seriousness. OLIVER´s GPS Technology is designed to be fun, entertaining, and engaging for young players. The platform offers various tools such as challenges among friends, user-friendly interfaces, and rankings to spark the players' interest and make GPS technology more accessible to them.

Why do the world's most important clubs and academies choose OLIVER?

OLIVER is the preferred choice for some of the world's most prestigious football clubs and academies due to its high-quality technology and the benefits it provides to both coaches and players. With a client list that includes Barca Academy, Racing Santander, FC Ska Brasil, Belgrano (Córdoba), Campus Experience Fundación Real Madrid, Xian Academy China, Suarez Academy Panama, Nacion FC and tournaments like MIC Football and The Showcase, OLIVER is trusted by those who seek to train and develop the next generation of football stars.

Barça Academy is the perfect example of how OLIVER is the preferred choice for the world's most prestigious football clubs and academies.

OLIVER´s GPS Technology provides a competitive edge to these academies, clubs, and tournaments, enabling them to enhance the performance of their players while staying ahead of the latest innovations in sports training.

In conclusion, OLIVER´s GPS Technology has become an essential tool in the realm of youth football, allowing for player performance monitoring and injury prevention to enhance their on-field skills. With a client base including prominent football clubs and academies mentioned earlier, OLIVER has cemented its position as a leading company in the market of performance tracking.

The importance of having fun in youth football.

Undoubtedly, youth football has many objectives beyond training future players. Sports in general are a social tool for forming people, instilling values, and keeping children and young people healthy around the world. Youth football doesn't just train players, it trains people.

Ska - Blog photo
Ska Brasil was an early adopter of OLIVER's GPS technology in their training programs. Over the years, they have expanded the use of our technology to include multiple divisions. 


"For me, football is much more than a sport. It is a very transformative social inclusion tool that changes lives, generates jobs, fulfils the dreams of entire families, and also brings a lot of joy and emotions to fans" Commented José Edmilson, former Barcelona player and current president of SKA Brasil, a team that uses OLIVER in their youth academy.


With this in mind, both FIFA and the various trainer-forming entities and associations around the world highlight the human value of football over the sporting value, especially when it comes to youth football.

OLIVER, the best solution.

Effective performance monitoring is only beneficial when paired with play and healthy competition. Utilizing GPS technology as a means to motivate and entertain young players is key to preserving the essence of youth football. OLIVER recognizes this paradigm and positions itself as the top choice for those who train young footballers.

Whether for top-level clubs or local academies, OLIVER presents itself as a solution that benefits young people and coaches at an accessible cost, without losing sight of youth football's goal: to learn and have fun while improving human, social, and health characteristics.

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