Women's Futsal: A Spanish First Division team incorporates OLIVER

Ad Zaragoza Futsal

Women's Futsal continues to grow season after season, although GPS technology is often out of reach for most teams. OLIVER has arrived at a Women's First Division Futsal team to continue democratizing access to elite technology for all sectors of football.

OLIVER in Futsal: an increasingly popular addition.

One of the football sectors, where the difference between OLIVER and other GPS technologies is most marked, is Futsal. Thanks to its placement, easy use, economic accessibility, and the possibility of being used indoors, more and more teams are using OLIVER in this discipline.

That is why there are already 5 teams using it in the LNFS and now a team in the Women's First Division has also incorporated OLIVER: AD Sala Zaragoza. The team that has been playing in the First Division since 2018 already uses GPS technology in search of taking the next step and enhancing performance.

AD Zaragoza Futsal
OLIVER is placed on the dominant leg and allows football metrics such as shot power to be measured.

AD Sala Zaragoza wants to continue making history.

The club has been around for more than 30 years and defines itself as "a professional women's futsal club with activity from the grassroots to the elite". With several trophies under its belt, it seeks to continue in the top category and win more titles. Undoubtedly, AD Sala Zaragoza will continue to write a great history in Spanish women's futsal.

The physical preparation of the players is vital when facing a competition of such magnitude as the First Division, which is why the club understood that incorporating GPS technology will bring valuable benefits in the short, medium, and long term.

AD Zaragoza Futsal
AD Sala Zaragoza seeks to maintain its category and work to continue making history.

What is GPS Technology used for?

Although it has many benefits and utilities, there are two that reflect the main objectives of GPS technology quite well: enhance performance and prevent injuries. For this, OLIVER measures dozens of athletic and football metrics, allowing users to plan training sessions and measure the loads.

Regarding injury prevention, OLIVER prevents 45% of muscle injuries, taking care of the players and also avoiding large expenses for the club. GPS technology achieves this thanks to the "injury risk index" metrics, which indicate when a player is overtrained, within the safe zone, or undertrained.

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