The team that changed GPS vests for OLIVER and seeks promotion to the 1st Division

albacete femenino with gps tracker

After using the traditional vests, Fundación Albacete, from the Women's Second Division, has incorporated OLIVER and is setting its sights on promotion to the top division of Spanish women's football. The club is looking to take advantage of the new generation of GPS technology, leaving behind the discomfort of the vests.

For three months now, Fundación Albacete Femenino has been working with OLIVER, the GPS device that is becoming increasingly popular in Spain. Like elite clubs such as Sporting Club de Huelva, Juan Grande or Cacereño, Fundación Albacete Femenino decided to prioritise the comfort of its players and incorporate a device designed 100% for women's football. 

 albacete with gps technology
The OLI device is placed in a shin guard sock and allows football metrics to be measured,
something that vests do not allow.

Why was the change necessary?

Although the vests fulfilled their function of measuring metrics and controlling loads, they brought problems in both matches and training sessions. Just putting them on was already a complication that added to the discomfort during the activity. OLIVER offers the same benefits but provides comfort, ease of use and also football metrics, such as strike force and distance travelled with the ball, among other metrics.

Objectives for this season.

According to the protagonists themselves, when it comes to setting objectives, one has to keep one's feet on the ground and go step by step. That is why the main goal is promotion, but it is not the most urgent one.

jacinto rubio form albacete football

"To consolidate ourselves well in the category, and once we pass that stage, try to climb to the first division. We have to work hard and in an organised way to dream big" Jacinto Rubio, sporting director of the team.


The team, founded in 2000 and played five seasons in the top division, is looking to return to the top. OLIVER's commitment to GPS technology aims to continue professionalising the team and make the leap to return to the top. Fundación Albacete has shown that it is up to the task of continuing to write great history, not only in the region but also in Spain.

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