Why is OLIVER PRO the best tool for women's football?

Womens Footbal GPS Tech

There is ample potential for growth in women's football, and it's imperative to have the appropriate tools in place to ensure the sport continues to make strides in history. Essential among these tools are Performance Monitoring Technologies and GPS Technology, which are becoming increasingly accessible to teams.

In this article, discover OLIVER PRO, a tool that is gaining more and more traction in women's football.

What is OLIVER PRO? The power of Technology in football

OLIVER PRO is a sports performance monitoring analysis technology designed to analyze athletes' performance and optimize their training. Through data collection and deep analysis, it provides valuable information for planning training, controlling loads, and improving decision-making.

While the main objectives of this technology are to enhance performance and prevent injuries, in this article, we will specifically discuss OLIVER PRO's value proposition for women's football.

Sao Paulo 2
Women's teams like Sao Paulo FC, UDG Tenerife, Sporting Huelva, Gimnasia de La Plata, and more are already using OLIVER PRO technology in their first teams.

Why is OLIVER PRO the best tool for women's football?

In short, thanks to its development with a gender perspective, it has 3 important differentiators compared to other solutions:

Versatility: OLIVER PRO can be placed in both traditional vests and socks, a much more comfortable option for players, which allows for better usability and more comfort in games and training.

Accessibility:  In a context where women's football has a much smaller budget than men's football, a solution that keeps costs low but is of better quality is a great plus for teams and players.

Customized thresholds: The adaptability of data to women's football allows for objective, correct analysis that is in line with what Physical trainers and coaches are looking for.

Gimnasia La Plata x OLIVER_2
In an increasingly professional football landscape, it is essential for a team looking to grow to have the tools that allow them to take their game to the next level.

How to get OLIVER PRO for your women's team?

To receive a detailed quote and all the necessary information, fill out this form, and a representative from OLIVER SPORTS will contact you.


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