What is the best technology for Futsal?

Tech in futsal

Futsal continues to grow by leaps and bounds worldwide, and the role of technology is becoming increasingly important. Meet OLIVER PRO, the only technology 100% adaptable and developed for Futsal that can be used indoors.

OLIVER PRO, Sports Performance Monitoring Technology

This type of technology has become indispensable for all teams looking to grow and pursue their goals, and Futsal has been no exception. The sports performance analysis tool OLIVER PRO has two general objectives:

  • Enhance performance

Thanks to the measurement of dozens of metrics, every fitness coach can plan and customize training, aiming to improve those aspects of the players that are less developed and enhance those that are already virtues.

Furthermore, the OLIVER platform allows for comparisons between players considering multiple variables, generating reports, and accessing a wealth of information in a clear and concise manner. In short, OLIVER PRO provides a wealth of information, and in today's football, information undoubtedly maximizes sporting success.

  • Prevent injuries

This objective is achieved thanks to two main tools offered by this technology: Firstly, load control through precise metrics allows for much more appropriate and professional training planning. This provides fitness coaches with the necessary information to make correct decisions and plan training that is unthinkable without Performance Analysis Technology.

On the other hand, OLIVER PRO offers a key metric: return to play. Through this metric and thanks to sports science, the platform provides personalized monitoring of players in recovery. This metric helps prevent injury recurrence by accurately informing when a player is ready to return to a competitive level safely.

Additionally, OLIVER PRO has an "Injury Dashboard" where fitness coaches can track each injury in detail. This dashboard helps bring clarity to the overall squad situation and improve decision-making.

Futsal Herramientas Tecnologia Monitoring technology is gaining more and more ground in the global Futsal scene.

The best tool for Futsal: OLIVER PRO

In addition to the benefits previously mentioned, OLIVER PRO has specific benefits for Futsal:

Leg placement: This allows not only more comfort and usability but also allows for the measurement of football-related metrics, something crucial in football. Examples of these metrics are: Shooting power, ball handling, ball strikes according to intensity, among others.

Indoor use: OLIVER PRO can do without the use of GPS and measure accurately in indoor environments. Another important aspect is that no antennas or extra equipment are necessary to obtain all the data.

Futsal-adaptable thresholds: To obtain valuable information, OLIVER PRO has specific Futsal thresholds, allowing for correct data viewing and analysis, as needed by a Futsal team's fitness coach.

Herramientas Entrenamiento FutsalIn today's Futsal, it is indispensable for a team looking to grow to have the tools that allow them to take their game to the next level.

How to get OLIVER PRO for your Futsal team?

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