What Do the Futsal Champions of Spain and Italy Have in Common?

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Futsal is a sport that demands a unique combination of speed, technique, and strategy. In the 2023-2024 season, three teams have demonstrated that they not only have the necessary skill and talent to become champions but also possess cutting-edge technology to enhance their performance. We are talking about Jimbee Cartagena and Burela FS in Spain, and Meta Catania in Italy, who have conquered their respective First and Second Division Futsal leagues.

Jimbee Cartagena: Dominance in the LNFS

Jimbee Cartagena has shined in the National Futsal League (LNFS) of Spain, and after defeating Barça in the semi-final and Pozo de Murcia in the final, they are the new futsal champions in Spain. Last year, the Cartagena team made history by winning the Supercopa, and now, with the League title, they are undoubtedly established as the best team in Spain today.


Utilizing OLIVER PRO to perfect every aspect of their game, the ability to monitor player performance and analyze detailed data has allowed the team to optimize their training, adjust tactics, and prevent injuries. This technological advantage has provided them with unmatched precision and focus on the field, leading them to success in both the cup and the league. Since acquiring OLIVER PRO, they have continued to improve and make history.

Burela FS: Second Division Champions

Burela FS has reached glory in the Second Division of Futsal in Spain and is now the only team in Spain to have both its men's and women's teams in the First Division. The orange team was crowned champion after winning on penalties against CD UMA Antequera, thus securing the title and promotion to the LNFS, won by Jimbee Cartagena.

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OLIVER PRO has been an integral part of their winning strategy. The team has used this technology to gain a deep analysis of each player's performance, improving their teamwork and training sessions. Thanks to OLIVER PRO, Burela FS has been able to better manage workloads, ensure proper recovery, and keep players in peak form throughout the season.

Meta Catania: Champions in Italy

Meta Catania, meanwhile, is the new champion of the First Division of Futsal in Italy, the Divisione Calcio a 5, after defeating Napoli Futsal 6-4 in the final. What they have in common with the champions of the two most important divisions in Spain is that they also rely on OLIVER PRO to take their performance to the next level. Like their Spanish counterparts, Meta Catania has used this technology to monitor and analyze player performance. This has allowed them to make precise tactical adjustments, improve physical preparation, and reduce the risk of injuries, ensuring that each player is in top form for every match.

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OLIVER PRO: The Technology of Champions

The success of Jimbee Cartagena, Burela FS, and Meta Catania is no coincidence. These teams have shown season after season that the combination of talent, strategy, and advanced technology is the winning formula. OLIVER PRO has been the common denominator in their journey to success, providing the necessary tools to optimize player performance and preparation.

The 2023-2024 season has been a clear example of how OLIVER PRO technology can transform a futsal team's performance. Jimbee Cartagena, Burela FS, and Meta Catania have shown that, with the right tools, it is possible to reach the top and stay there. These champions have set a new standard in futsal, showing that innovation and technology are essential for success in modern sports.

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