Pre-season in football: The importance of GPS Technology

The importance of GPS Technology

Modern football is a sport that has become increasingly demanding in physical and tactical terms. Elite teams are constantly looking for new ways to improve the performance of their players and gain a competitive advantage over their rivals. In this context, GPS technology has emerged as an invaluable tool during pre-season, allowing coaches to monitor and optimise the physical conditioning of their players accurately and efficiently.

The importance of GPS technology in the pre-season

During the pre-season, football teams focus on improving the physical condition of their players and establishing a solid foundation for the upcoming season. GPS technology" or "sports performance monitoring technology" plays a crucial role in this process for several reasons:

Individual performance monitoring

Every player has different physical needs and athletic abilities. GPS technology allows coaches to monitor each player's individual performance during training sessions, allowing them to tailor fitness programmes to maximise performance and prevent injury.

GPS Tech in preseason football

This undoubtedly helps players to reach their best physical condition, and generates a squad that is much better prepared for competition. In addition, a properly monitored pre-season helps to avoid re-injuries and new injuries.

Training volume and intensity optimisation

Con la información proporcionada por los dispositivos GPS, los entrenadores pueden evaluar con precisión el volumen y la intensidad del entrenamiento de cada jugador y del equipo en general. Esto les permite diseñar sesiones de entrenamiento que sean adecuadas para las necesidades específicas de su equipo, evitando el sobre-entrenamiento y garantizando una progresión adecuada en la condición física de los jugadores.

Tactical performance assessment

In addition to monitoring physical performance, GPS technology can also help coaches assess the tactical performance of their players during training sessions. By tracking the position and movements of players on the field, coaches can identify patterns of play, evaluate the effectiveness of tactics and make informed decisions about team strategy.

Joint work between physical trainers and coaches can enhance the athletic capabilities of players by adapting the work to the tactical intentions of the coach. A function of OLIVER PRO, one of the most recognised sports monitoring technologies in Europe and the world, which is vital in this synergy is the "Interactive Heat Map". The interactive heat map joins the "Metrics per minute" function to allow a more complete and detailed analysis of the players' activity in each match. With it, the coaching staff can study the areas in which players are involved throughout the game.

Injury prevention

One of the main concerns during pre-season is to minimise the risk of injury and ensure that players arrive in peak physical condition at the start of the season. GPS technology can help in this regard by providing objective data on player workload and detecting signs of fatigue or overload, allowing coaches to take preventative measures to reduce the risk of injury.

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In summary, GPS technology has proven to be an invaluable tool for football teams during pre-season. By providing accurate and objective data on players' physical and tactical performance, this technology allows coaches to optimise their players' fitness, improve team performance and reduce the risk of injury. In a sport as competitive as football, having access to this information in real time can make the difference between success and failure in the season ahead.

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