Technology in Futsal: the GPS that reached the first division and played in a World Cup.

At OLIVER, we developed the first GPS for Futsal. It has been used by Córdoba in the Spanish First Division and Venezuelan Futsal National Team in the last World Cup, where it earned outstanding qualification to the round of 16.

Technology and GPS devices are becoming increasingly integrated into traditional football, but Futsal has often been neglected. Like Women's Soccer, futsal is not experiencing that wave of technology and development that has been taking place for years in elite professional football. Over the years, we have tried to reduce this gap and believe that the trend is for futsal to continue to become more professional and technology to become increasingly important.

An  device GPS  at your fingertips

At OLIVER, we developed a 10-sensor tracking system that is based on a smart device worn in a calf-sleeve. For this device, we chose the name "OLI". It is undoubtedly a low-cost device, as our main objective is that all clubs, men and women, can access this type of technology. In addition, the system is complemented by a mobile app and a web portal, where users see the reflected metrics and an in-depth analysis of each player can be carried out.

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Why is OLIVER the only GPS device adaptable to Futsal?

OLIVER is the only GPS device adaptable to Futsal because our devices contain inertial sensors, meaning they do not depend only on GPS. Also, it is possible because it allows the customization of variables and their metrics, achieving full adaptability for this discipline that was often left aside by technology.

Metrics such as kick power and acceleration are of vital importance in Futsal, and at OLIVER we seek to capitalize on it in the best way.

Agustin Ibarra - PF Barceloneta Futsal

“We chose OLIVER because it is the only GPS on the market that is suitable for futsal. Being able to work with technology indoors and measure accelerations, decelerations and kick power is something totally different for our discipline” commented Agustín Ibarra, physical trainer of Barceloneta Futsal.

  • It's not just about improving performance

Although talent development is the main focus of the device in football, there are also secondary aspects that are becoming more and more important, such as load control and injury prevention.

The OLI allows you to keep a complete record of your physical activity (not only games, but also training sessions or jogging) so that the same system informs you when your body is at risk of injury.

How do we manage to reduce muscle injuries by 45%?

The “injury risk index” metric allows users to predict whether a player is overtrained, within the safe zone, or undertrained.

PF Cordoba Futsal

"Con OLIVER puedo conocer cuando entrenamos por debajo de las cargas y así planificar los entrenamientos y exigir a los jugadores para que lleguen en su mejor forma a los partidos." Juan Daniel Belmonte, physical trainer of Córdoba Futsal.

Who already uses it GPS Oliver ?

With our device we have already ventured into the first division, where it is used by Córdoba Futsal, and have even participated in a World Cup with the Venezuelan National Team.  In addition, other clubs in this discipline in Spain such as Barceloneta Futsal CE have also chosen us and take advantage of the benefits of technology

Seleccion de venezuela - OLIVER

At OLIVER we continuously add functions and updates to the mobile application and the web portal. We aim to increase the number of futsal teams that bet on GPS technology in their training sessions and matches.


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