São Paulo FC Chooses OLIVER PRO for Its Women's Teams

Sao Paulo womens team

In the world of football, innovation and technology play an increasingly crucial role in the development and success of teams. In this regard, São Paulo Futebol Club, one of the giants of Brazilian football, has taken a bold step towards the future by adopting OLIVER PRO's cutting-edge technology in its women's teams for the 2024 season.

Starting in March, the São Paulo-based club will begin using OLIVER PRO devices to enhance the performance of its players, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards sporting excellence.

What is OLIVER PRO used for? Utilization in youth teams

While the benefits of incorporating GPS technology in grassroots football are numerous, some of the most notable ones highlighted by users and clubs are:

  • Performance trajectory planning: Coaches can use long-term tracking data to plan youth players' performance pathways, setting realistic expectations and goals for their development across various age groups.
  • Analysis of match and training loads: Studying OLIVER PRO data over several seasons allows coaching staff to analyze how players respond to different matches and training loads, aiding decision-making for squad rotation and player management. A key tool for injury prevention at developmental ages.
  • Transition to senior teams: Long-term monitoring with OLIVER PRO can provide insights into how young players are adapting to increasing physical demands, assisting in decisions about when and how to transition to senior teams.
  • Player progress reports: OLIVER PRO data can be included in comprehensive progress reports, providing valuable insights not only for player development but also for contract negotiations, offering evidence of a player's consistent performance and fitness levels over time.

Sao Paulo Women's news GPS Technology
OLIVER PRO GPS technology is key for planning training and injury prevention.

GPS technology designed with a gender perspective

OLIVER PRO is undoubtedly the ideal sports performance monitoring technology for women's football. It was developed with full adaptability to this discipline in mind. Some examples of this are:

- Possibility of placement on the leg:  Allows players to avoid using traditional vests, which are extremely uncomfortable both for placement and use.

- Adaptability and customization of thresholds: The platform offers the possibility to modify thresholds, allowing for precise and useful analysis for the discipline.

That's why over 30 teams equip their women's squads with OLIVER PRO technology, including UD Tenerife and Sporting Huelva from the Spanish Primera División, and Gimnasia de La Plata from the Argentine First Division.

OLIVER PRO, gaining more ground in Brazil

After arriving at Ska Brasil several seasons ago, OLIVER SPORTS has gained increasing relevance in the South American country. Examples of this are partnerships with Boleiro de Elite, an influencer and content creator for football players looking to improve their skills, and Meira, a futsal player at Associação Carlos Barbosa de Futsal, a club that has been world champion on three occasions.
Additionally, Metropolitano FC also incorporated OLIVER PRO at the beginning of 2024, to enhance the performance of its players and prevent injuries.

GPS technology in Sao Paulo Women's
Players from São Paulo's women's first team already use GPS Technology.

This decision by São Paulo not only demonstrates the club's commitment to innovation and digitalization but also reflects its constant pursuit of providing its players with the best tools available to achieve their full potential on the field.

Considering Brazil's "footballing" tradition and sports culture, it is extremely important that the device and platform are validated and chosen season after season. Succeeding in getting more and more players and clubs to monitor their metrics and all the details of their game undoubtedly represents a step forward in the mission to democratize access to elite technology for all athletes worldwide.

Want to learn more about this technology? Visit the OLIVER PRO: oliversports.ai

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