Real Racing Club Digitizes its Youth Division with OLIVER PRO

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Real Racing Club, a historic Spanish club that plays in the Segunda División, is taking important steps in modernizing its youth academy. The Cantabrian club's commitment is to incorporate OLIVER PRO, an innovative Performance Analysis technology for Sports Performance.


OLIVER PRO is a tool that allows Real Racing Club's coaches, players, and fitness trainers to obtain accurate data on their players' performance. The technology is based on a GPS system and motion sensors (IMU) that record a large amount of data in each match and training session. Then, the Artificial Intelligence created by OLIVER SPORTS translates this data into valuable and easy-to-read information so that the coaching staff can make more objective and precise decisions.

youth football gps tracker
The youth players of Real Racing Club know all the details of their game thanks to OLIVER PRO's GPS technology

The Real Racing Club youth academy has been using OLIVER PRO technology for several seasons now, choosing this technology again semester after semester. Although it is not the only team that uses it, as more than 15 youth academies and more than 20 academies also choose this technology to enhance their young talents, it has become an emblematic case of success thanks to strategic work over time.

What are the benefits of digitizing a youth academy with OLIVER PRO?

Some of the main benefits of using OLIVER PRO are:

  • Performance Pathway Planning: Coaches can use long-term tracking data to plan the performance pathways for youth players, setting realistic expectations and goals for their development through various age groups.
  • Games & Training Load Analysis: Studying OLIVER PRO data over multiple seasons allows the coaching staff to analyze how players respond to different games & training loads, aiding in decision-making for squad rotation and player management. A key tool to prevent injuries at developmental ages.
  • Transition to Senior Teams: Long-term OLIVER PRO tracking can provide insights into how well youth players are adapting to increasing physical demands, aiding in decisions about when and how to transition them to senior teams.
  • Player Progress Reports: OLIVER PRO data can be included in comprehensive progress reports, providing valuable information not only for player´s development but also for contract negotiations, providing evidence of a player's consistent performance and fitness levels over time.

gps tech youg players
Real Racing Club player scoring with his favoured leg, where his GPS Tracker is placed

Technology, a determining factor.

Technology and football have already become inseparable aspects, so it will surely end up determining which clubs make the difference in the not-too-distant future. In fact, there are many examples of clubs that have already made a difference by betting on innovation.

Real Racing Club is one of the pioneering clubs in the use of OLIVER PRO in Spain. The Cantabrian club's commitment to innovation is an example to follow for other clubs that seek to improve the training of their players.

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