campus experience Real Madrid using Oliver tracker

Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience partners with OLIVER, a platform and GPS tracker for monitoring players and improving their physical, athletic, and tactical performance adding the capability to prevent injuries to these players such as professional players.

As we have mentioned, GPS trackers provide us with key information about our athletic and football performance in a game or training session, which we see translated into insights that help us to compare and evolve. These tech came here to stay longer in the elite sports field and now begin to be used by players of all ages and levels.

Speaking of academies and young athletes, the alliance between OLIVER & Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience reflects the importance of following the progress of youth players not only in training sessions & games but also in the evolution they can have season by season in all their metrics, injuries, recovery times and much more.

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Certainly, there is also a psychological and motivational component, Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation points out that, without motivation, a player does not perform correctly, does not dedicate the necessary hours or train with the required intensity and constancy. In the case of youth football, the lack of motivation is equivalent to the loss of illusion, which leads to abandoning their practice. Incorporating technology into sports motivates the athlete to reach professional performance, something that any player longs for the future: to play like a pro.

In players that are starting at football, accompanying the process of discovering themselves as athletes is very valuable, helping them to work with emotional values such as self-discipline, effort, and motivation will influence the confidence they gain over time. That is why instilling the use of GPS trackers like OLIVER, from the beginning is a big support that serves as learning for the player, who suddenly knows and understands about their tactical and athletic skills, and that will help both in their present development and future.

Children aged 12 to 17 use OLIVER at the Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation: “In terms of comfort, it doesn’t bother me at all. Don’t even feel it `` said 'Manu - one of the players once tested the wearable.


Getting players involved in their game and understanding their performance from the very beginning of their career is important to get to know each other as athletes and exploit their potential. Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience adds: “Through the OLIVER platform, participants and their families can analyze in real-time their football, athletic and health metrics collected while players are on the field".

OLIVER has a specialized program allowing Clubs and Academies to digitize, technify and measure the performance of each player since its beginning.

More info: www.tryoliver.com


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