OLIVER partners with Fútbol Emotion to accelerate expansion in Spain and Portugal

OLIVER brings its innovative GPS tracker to the leading sports equipment store. OLIVER is committed to continue revolutionizing the world of Football, seeking to connect with those players who want to improve their sports performance. All this, at an affordable price and in an easy and gamified way.

With the aim of making GPS technology available to all footballplayers around the world, OLIVER  teamed up with Fútbol Emotion and launched the innovative OLI. The GPS will be available both in Futbol Emotion's online store and in all its branches in Spain and Portugal.


Bringing professionalism closer than ever

One of the most important aspects of the agreement is that GPS will not only be intended for teams, but for players. This way, anyone can play football getting the same information and possibilities as an elite team.
In addition, the intuitive and user-friendly design of the OLIVER mobile app makes the maximum use of the product available to everyone.

A new generation of GPS trackers

OLIVER left aside the traditional vests and is leading a new generation of tracking systems based on gamification and the placement of the smart device (with more than 10 sensors) in a calf-sleeve. Also, within the app you can participate in rankings and comparisons not only with teammates, but also with players from all over the world.

Inclusive Device

OLIVER lands at Fútbol Emotion with its innovative GPS (OLI) that is placed on the player's leg (clubs such as Racing Santander and Santa Teresa de Badajoz are already using it) focusing on comfort and inclusive design, something of vital importance, especially in women's soccer. 

The calf-sleeve with its smart device focuses on the comfort that was left aside with the traditional vest. Let's also remember that one of the main criticisms of these vests is that they are not specifically designed for football so they do not take into consideration some details that are crucial for training and football performance.

Injury prevention

Another great benefit that is fully exploited when analyzing metrics is injury prevention. Coaches and physical trainers make better decisions when monitoring the physical performance of each player.

The "injury risk index" allows physical trainers to predict whether a player is overtrained, within the safe zone, or undertrained. "With this technology, we monitor player loads and based on that, we plan training. It  allows us to work like 1st division teams," said David De La Fuente, CD Guadalajara's Physical Trainer.

Adaptability to Futsal

One of the fundamental characteristics of OLIVER is its adaptability, which makes it the best option for Futsal. The platform allows the customization of variables and their metrics, achieving full adaptability for this discipline that has often been left aside by technology. 

Metrics such as kick power and accelerations are really important in Futsal and Fútbol Emotion together with OLIVER seeking to take advantage of this. "We chose OLIVER because it is the only GPS on the market that adapts to futsal. Being able to work with technology in indoor football and measure accelerations, decelerations and kick power is something totally amazing for our discipline" said Agustín Ibarra, Physical Trainer of Barceloneta Futsal.

Technology has been changing football for years and both Fútbol Emotion & OLIVER understood it perfectly. This partnership means for OLIVER a direct land to the whole market of players in Spain and Portugal who are looking to professionalize their performance at an affordable price.


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