OLIVER PRO arrives in Africa: ZED FC incorporates GPS technology

Technology in african football

ZED FC, a team in the Egyptian Premier League, has become the first team on the African continent to incorporate OLIVER PRO performance analysis technology. The agreement was made possible thanks to ACE Sports, an official partner of OLIVER SPORTS in Egypt.

ZED FC, youth and innovation

ZED FC originated in 2009 in the city of Giza. Despite being a young club, it took little time to reach the forefront of Egyptian football, where it has already become one of the most important clubs. The club gained even more prominence when it struck a deal with Aston Villa, thus becoming one of the continent's most important football academies.

What is the GPS technology used for?

OLIVER PRO is an innovative solution that uses GPS technology to collect data on player performance and analyze it using artificial intelligence. In short, it's the new generation of sports monitoring technology. This information and analysis allow coaches to make more informed decisions about training, strategy, and injury prevention.

Futbol Technology in Africa

The addition of OLIVER PRO by ZED FC is a significant step in the development of African football. The team has a collaboration agreement with English Aston Villa for the development of young footballers and talent. This means that Aston Villa will also be closely monitoring OLIVER PRO technology and its impact on ZED FC's performance.

GPS technology in Africa, the positive aspect of OLIVER PRO's accessibility

Until now, OLIVER PRO had been used in some youth football academies, such as the Barça Academy. However, this is the first time that a professional team from the African continent has adopted this technology.

ZED FC GPS Technology in Africa

The arrival of OLIVER PRO in Africa is great news for football on the continent. One of the highlights of OLIVER PRO's GPS technology is that it is much more accessible than other solutions of its kind. This allows many teams to access it because the budget in relation to other continents is much lower, and GPS technology was often a utopia. This technology has the potential to significantly improve player performance and help teams compete at the highest level.

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