OLIVER PRO Expands to Poland

OLIVER PRO in Poland

Eurobus Futsal Przemyśl has incorporated OLIVER PRO, continuing its mission to bring elite technology to all areas of sport. The Polish club will work with this sports performance monitoring technology to digitalise the club and keep making history in Polish futsal.

The Importance of Technology in Futsal

Futsal, an exciting and dynamic sport, greatly benefits from the use of sports performance monitoring technology like OLIVER PRO. This technology allows physical trainers and coaches to track and analyse important data, such as distance covered, speed, intensity, shot power, and much more.

Thanks to these metrics and the functions offered by GPS technology, the coaching staff can plan training sessions, control workloads, prevent injuries, and make better decisions. This undoubtedly helps clubs to continue improving and professionalising their players and working methods in the short, medium, and long term.

Eurobus Futsal Przemyśl, a young club growing by leaps and bounds

When thinking of a top division team, one does not usually imagine a club that only registered for official futsal competitions in 2019, but that is the curious case of Eurobus.

OLIVER PRO en Polonia 2

In their first competition, they won the 3rd league, organised by the Podkarpacki Football Association, and then, year after year, they won league promotions up to the FOGO Futsal Ekstraklasa. They are currently competing in Poland's First Division and aim to keep growing day by day. Undoubtedly, they are an example of a well-managed young club.

Vest or leg? The placement options for OLIVER PRO. For this season, the team chose the leg format, the most popular choice in futsal as it allows for measuring football metrics. Since futsal involves much more ball contact and shot power is more relevant, the most convenient option for teams in this discipline is the leg placement.

OLIVER SPORTS and the objectives for 2024

One of the goals is to continue reaching new countries with the OLIVER PRO solution for teams. Therefore, the arrival in Poland represents a very important milestone for this particular objective. As the weeks go by, more and more teams from different countries will incorporate OLIVER PRO.

OLIVER PRO en Polonia 3
Hundreds of teams use OLIVER PRO to enhance their performance.

Another important aspect of 2024 was the development of the Barça Tracker, the GPS device developed in collaboration with FC Barcelona & the Barça Innovation Hub. After its launch at the Sports Tomorrow Congress 2024, the goal is now for all Barça players worldwide to know about this technology.

Get OLIVER PRO for the next season. With the European summer just weeks away, the next season is around the corner, making it one of the best times to acquire GPS technology for your team. Starting pre-season with GPS technology in hand is an incredible plus to begin working with the necessary tools.

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