OLIVER for teams. How can it help your club?

OLIVER for teams

GPS technology in football has proven to be a precious tool for physical trainers, coaches, and players. Main features and benefits of OLIVER for professional and semi-professional Men's football, as well as Women's football, Futsal and Youth football.

What can OLIVER do for your team?

According to physical trainers and coaches who already use OLIVER, the primary application is to monitor loads and plan training sessions, although there are many more functions to take advantage of. 

Another key aspect is to maximize players´ performance. OLIVER does this by having each player linked to each device, allowing dozens of metrics to be tracked over time.

In addition, the software allows a comparison of players, enabling also a specific spider chart analysis of the different metrics between the players assigned to the same position. According to reviews from teams already using GPS technology, the comparison of players is something that directly impacts the coach's decision-making when planning a game.

Player comparison-10Spider chart projecting the comparison between two players.

Also, each player reflects his own heat map, which will allow visualising the performance on the field in a clear way.

“We found in OLIVER the ideal technology for the club. A platform that has just what is necessary to be able to work with much more accuracy, especially in the management of intensities and load control” - Carlos Garayalde, Physical Trainer of Deportivo Maldonado, from Uruguay´s first division.

Physical trainers also attach importance to timelines within the same session, which allows quantifying loads of specific exercises such as warm-ups. This is very useful to plan training sessions taking into account the effort of the different dynamics proposed.

Metrics per minute-11

Differentiation of timelines to analyze the different moments of the training sessions and matches.

Injury prevention, an OLIVER strength.

OLIVER has all the necessary tools when it comes to injuries. First of all, the above-mentioned aspects are key to preventing them, but in addition, the "injury risk index" metric allows to measure when a player is undertrained, overtrained or within the ideal parameters.

The physical trainers also have the "injury dashboard" where they can report and track injuries. This dashboard added to the "return to play" metric, through a comparison between pre and post-injury performance, helps to make the right decision regarding when a player is ready to return to competition.

“We chose OLIVER because we have realized that it is far ahead of other technologies in terms of platform, software and the data it provides.” Vanesa Díaz, president of the CFF Olympia

Players are also protagonists.

OLIVER has available for clubs that want, an application where players can access all their metrics. Each player can take a look at his information from his mobile after each game and training session.

The main objective is that they can also indicate their perceived effort, complementing the training with the motivation to continue improving and perfecting their metrics. In addition, they can compare themselves with their teammates, also allowing the promotion of a healthy competition that accompanies the improvement of the team's performance.

"OLIVER is a platform that allows not only to monitor player performance but also generates knowledge in the entire club structure" - José Edmilson, president of FC SKA Brazil and former world champion with Brazil in the 2002 World Cup.

Both the platform for physical trainers/coaches and the mobile app for players are extremely intuitive and easy to use.

Why is OLIVER also 100% developed for Women's football and Futsal?

The main reason is because of the morphology of the device. Placed in a calf-sleeve, does not have the problems that we usually see in vests: discomfort and lack of adaptation to different sizes. Just place the OLI inside the calf- sleeve and start measuring metrics.

The other reason is the thresholds by which the metrics are measured. They can be selected as fixed but also as customized. This achieves full adaptability to any football discipline because the maximum speed reached is used to then calculate the speed segments from the percentages (%) of the maximum speed. You will be able to see the metrics with real values and with more clarity, adding a plus of comfort and adaptability.

In addition, specifically for indoor football (and all OLIVER users), there are metrics that the OLI provides and the vests do not. In short, you can analyze all those metrics that are obtained thanks to the placement of the device on the skilled leg. OLIVER allows knowing at what speed the ball is kicked, the time of ball possession and the number of kicks, among other aspects of utmost importance in Futsal in particular and football in general.

"We chose OLIVER because it is the only GPS on the market that adapts to futsal. Being able to work with indoor technology and measure accelerations, decelerations and kick power is something totally different for our discipline" - Agustín Ibarra, Barceloneta Futsal physical trainer.

I have already acquired OLIVER for my team, what now?

Once the deal between your team and OLIVER is closed, the delivery of the case with the amount of OLIs requested is coordinated. Also, a representative from the product team will be in charge of the onboarding process, which is quick but necessary, so that OLIVER's technology is used to its full potential.

Finally, the club will be put in contact with OLIVER's customer support team who will be there to provide ongoing support for any questions or concerns.

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