Play like a PRO: Here's how OLIVER works for football players.

oliver gps tracking device

As many teams use GPS technology, OLIVER has a solution for players who want to know their metrics in depth. Boost performance, prevent injuries, challenge friends and much more. Find out all the details in the following article.

What is OLIVER for players?

OLIVER is a football GPS tracker that, through a mobile application and sports science, allows players to know about their own game.

The football tracker collects all the information during the session and then, by downloading it to your phone through an application (available for IOS and Android) accurately presents athletic, football and injury prevention metrics, as well as a heatmap.

Each user has a profile where they can view their weekly or monthly average or accumulated metrics, such as the number of sessions completed, total time trained, and distance traveled, among many others. Apart from seeing the metrics of each particular session, the user can have an overview of how their performance has evolved.

A new generation of GPS technology.

Innovation always stands out in GPS technology, but after the first trackers that were placed in vests, many problems arose at the time of implementation. This is why OLIVER created the first GPS tracker, the OLI, which is placed in a calf sleeve worn on the leg. Why? Basically, there are 4 key reasons:

  • Comfort: The vast majority of players who tested OLIVER claim that the fit is almost instantaneous, and that, unlike traditional vests, they are unnoticeable during use.
  • Football metrics: The placement of the gps tracker on the skilled leg, allows the measurement of metrics that vests do not: punching power, distance traveled with the ball and ball strikes. 
  • Inclusivity: Designed with a gender perspective and also being aware of the different body structures. OLIVER presents 3 sizes, being adaptable to all body types in an easy way, something unthinkable in the traditional vests.
  • Easy to place: Just put the football tracker inside the sock -something already worn in football in football- and start playing. 

oliver football gps trackerOLIVER is placed on the skilled leg

Don't play alone!

Football is magical because it's played as a team, and GPS technology should be no different. That's why OLIVER  has a "Social" tab so you can compare your own metrics to fellow players:

Compete with your friends in challenges. One of OLIVER's latest updates includes the creation of "challenges". In addition to measuring your metrics, you can challenge your friends or teammates on one or more metrics. Once the challenge has been created, the next session will decide who wins.

World ranking at your fingertips. Once you have uploaded your first session you will be able to compare your performance with players using OLIVER, depending on the level in which they play (amateur, semi-pro or pro). In addition, the application allows you to participate in constant challenges on the platform, to generate new experiences for users in addition to those already mentioned.

Hugo Rodriguez & oliver gpsHugo Rodríguez, Sevilla's promising player and also OLIVER ambassador.

"It is my first experience using a football tracker and the truth is that it seems incredible to me. The advantage of OLIVER is that I can not only know my performance but also have fun with my data while improving my game”  commented Hugo Rodriguez youth player of Sevilla Fútbol Club.

Accessible to all.

OLIVER's mission is to democratize access to elite technology for players from all types of football. The way to achieve this is by offering a low-cost product and making it 100% accessible for women's, men's, futsal and youth soccer. Also, it can be used by professional, semi-professional and amateur players.

OLIVER can be purchased for 150 euros, which is similar to the price of a mid-range soccer boot. For these reasons, more than 4,000 players have already chosen to use this GPS technology to measure their metrics every match and training session.

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