Noia incorporates GPS technology after promotion to the first division.

Noia Portus & OLIVER

Noia Portus Apostoli has signed up to OLIVER, the only GPS technology 100% adapted to Indoor Football and used by 25% of the First Division teams. The season starts in a few weeks and the team is already fine-tuning every detail in order to maximize performance. 

Historic promotion.

After 5 seasons in the Second Division, the team from Galicia achieved a historic promotion to the First Division. The achievement came after finishing the competition with 82 points, 18 points more than Servigroup Peñíscola Globeenergy, who came in second place.

The club,  founded in 2008, will play its first season ever at the highest level.  Expectations of both the team and fans are positive, with the hope that Noia Portus Apostoli will finish at the top end of the table. The adventure in the First Division begins with a visit to Córdoba Patrimonio de la Humanidad, a team that also uses OLIVER technology.

Jugadores de Noia PortusOLIVER is used in matches and also in training sessions

Intense preparation with an added innovation.

This summer, the team from Galicia has taken care of all the details required by the LNFS to play at the highest level. To achieve this, not only did they reinforce the team with new players, but the players also completed an intense preseason to reach the best level possible for the debut.

Noia Portus Apostoli will start a season that will be highly demanding, and for this reason, they have decided to incorporate OLIVER, the only GPS 100% adapted to futsal. With their eyes set on controlling loads and planning training sessions, the coaching staff is already measuring all the players' metrics.

"It's in a place where it doesn't bother at all, behind the calf. I think it's very well placed. It's comfortable and functional."  Lluc Parera, player and captain of Noia Portus Apostoli.

The physical tuning of the players is vital when facing a competition of such magnitude as the LNFS, so the club understood that incorporating GPS technology would bring valuable benefits in the short, medium and long term.

Gonzalez PF Noia PortusAdrián González commenting on OLIVER and how Noia takes advantage of it.

"What we are looking for with OLIVER is to control everything controllable in multifactorial sports such as futsal. Within the budgets that the club can afford, it offers us a technology with very useful tools to apply on a daily basis" said Adrian Gonzalez, physical trainer of Noia Portus Apostoli.

The new generation of GPS technology, at the service of Noia.

Placed on the leg and adaptable to Futsal, OLIVER represents a very innovative investment for the Galician club. Thanks to its accelerometers and where the device is positioned, both players and coaching staff will be able to access very important metrics in futsal such as kicking power, accelerations, decelerations, and meters per minute, among others.

"I think it's really interesting data, especially for the fitness trainer and coach. We players observe mainly speed, distance covered and accelerations, although there are a lot of metrics to analyze." Lluc Parera, player and captain of Noia Portus Apostoli.


Injury prevention is the cornerstone of GPS technology. OLIVER prevents 45% of muscle injuries, taking care of players and avoiding significant expenses for the club. GPS technology achieves this through "injury risk index" metrics, which indicate when a player is overtrained, within the safe zone or undertrained.

"The metrics I'm most interested in are accelerations and speeds at maximum and high intensity, ball strikes and meters per minute. We are also very interested in OLIVER to analyze the probability of a player having an injury and thus prevent it" Adrián González, physical trainer of Noia Portus Apostoli.

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