45 clubs join the OLIVER revolution, as 100% of customers renew

OLIVER teams 2022-2023

The pre-season is not only key for the players to get fit, but also provides an opportunity for clubs to assess what tools the team will use for the upcoming season. For the 22/23 season, more and more teams are incorporating technology and 8 out of 10 choose OLIVER. Let’s take a look at why.

Versatility for all types of Football.

All of men's, women's and youth football teams, as well as futsal, have added OLIVER´S GPS technology this summer. Thanks to its easy implementation, data provided and  affordable cost, OLIVER will be the first experience of GPS technology for many of these clubs.

In addition, all the clubs previously using OLIVER have decided to renew, with some adding even more "OLI" devices. This is the case with Córdoba Futsal and SKA Brasil, who have doubled the number of active units within their club respectively.

Testimonio - Edmilson
José Edmilson, former FC Barcelona and current president of FC Ska Brasil with the new OLIVER suitcase.

Spain, OLIVER's epicentre and the reflection of a solid product.

Although there are teams in more than 15 countries using OLIVER GPS technology, Spain became the country using OLIVER the most. A key reason for the OLIVER phenomenon in Spain is the "word of mouth" generated among coaches and physical trainers from the use of the tool, making many more join the new generation of GPS technology.

Sant Andreu 1080x540-1UE Sant Andreu, one of the teams that incorporated OLIVER over the summer.

"It's very intuitive, you don't need to be a data expert or spend a lot of time on it. In a very simple way you can get relevant data that allows you to control loads, plan training sessions and know the performance in an individualized way," said Kike Machado, Physical Trainer of UE Sant Andreu.

OLIVER has thus added 45 new teams to its current roster of 90 clubs around the world, demonstrating the sport's interest in applying sports science and the new generation of GPS technology. 

CD Alcoyano OLIVER GPSOLIVER in action during a C.D Alcoyano training session.

The "OLI" device is currently used by some 4,000 football players, either individually or in their teams or academies. This reflects the fact that the mission of democratizing access to elite technology in all sectors of football is increasingly becoming a reality.

25% of teams in the LNFS (Spain’s top futsal division) choose OLIVER

After a summer in which technology in futsal was in full swing, 25% of the teams in the First Division chose OLIVER for the 22/23 season. Both Córdoba Patrimonio de la Humanidad (third season with monitoring technology), Ribera Navarra, Industrias Santa Coloma and Noia Portus Apostoli will have the latest generation of sports science for the 2022/2023 season.

Blog portada - Industrias

"OLIVER gives us a lot of information about the external load and helps us when planning the microcycles" Oscar Alonso, Physical Trainer of Industrias Santa Coloma Futsal. 

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