Meet the new #OLIVER Teams for June

In the last month and with their eyes set on the next season, a large number of teams bet on our GPS technology, seeking an important change that will allow them to improve performance and save costs in the club structure with the reduction of injuries.

First experience with technology.

For most of these teams, this will be the first time using GPS technology. In addition, many of them are pioneers in their respective leagues in incorporating technology into their work, in order to make the quality leap and achieve the long-awaited promotion.

UE Sant Andreu Spain Men´s football
Real Sporting de Gijón Spain Youth Football
CFF Olympia Spain Women's football
CD Cayón Spain Youth Football
CF Parets Spain Men´s football
CD Femarguin Spain Women's football
CD Juan Grande Spain Women's football
AE Bellsport Spain Indoor football

Inclusiveness and comfort.

Thanks to the inclusiveness with which OLIVER was designed, we have added teams for women's football and men's. Our mission to democratize the access to technology in football seeks to leave aside the vests that generate so many limitations and discomfort. In this way, we want to make the new generation of GPS technology available to every player all over the world.

OLIVER is available for both Men's and Women's football, Indoor football and youth football.

CFF Olympia & OLIVER

“We chose OLIVER because we have realized that it is far ahead of other technologies in terms of platform, software and the data it provides” Vanesa Díaz, president of the CFF Olympia

We are grateful to each and every club for trusting OLIVER and betting on the new generation of GPS trackers in football. We will continue working tirelessly so that more and more teams have access to elite technology.

Do you want to know more about OLIVER technology? tryoliver.com


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