Spanish Futsal First Division: 5 teams now using OLIVER

Jimbee Cartagena LNFS

The world's top Futsal League has 16 top teams and 5 of them use OLIVER GPS Technology. They choose to measure all their metrics, prevent injuries, and boost their performance.

OLIVER, more and more chosen in the LNFS

The first team that decided to use OLIVER was Cordoba Patrimonio de la Humanidad which started implementing it for the first team and then, thanks to the great experience with OLIVER, extended it to some lower categories.
Sometime later, clubs such as Noia Portus Apostoli, Industrias Santa Coloma, and Ribera Navarra also incorporated OLIVER in their training sessions and games. In this way, Jimbee Cartagena became the 5th team in the top Spanish Futsal League to use the New Generation of GPS Technology. 

OLIVER, Jimbee's tool to achieve its goals

The Cartagena team is in 4th position and seeks to go as far as possible this season: 

"The objective of the season is to go as far as possible in the playoffs. We are in the best moment for this final stretch, and the truth is that we are very excited and eager to get a very important joy"

Fernando Guerrero Cayuela, Jimbee Cartagena's Physical Trainer


OLIVER arrives in the final stretch of the tournament to bring the team closer to the expected goals. By controlling loads and helping the coaching staff to plan training sessions to get to the matches in the best possible way, OLIVER will surely be of great help so that Jimbee Cartagena continues writing history in Spanish futsal.

Check out the video to see how Jimbee Cartagena is using OLIVER.

Injury prevention, the cornerstone of GPS technology: In terms of injury prevention, OLIVER prevents 45% of muscular injuries, not only taking care of the players but also avoiding great expenses for the club. GPS technology achieves this through "injury risk index" metrics which indicate when a player is overtrained, within the safe zone or undertrained.

"GPS technology, or in this case accelerometry, allows us to use objective and real data of what the player is doing with external load variables"

Fernando Guerrero Cayuela, Physical Trainer of Jimbee Cartagena


GPS technology, not only in the LNFS

Although the First Division is the category with the most teams using GPS Technology, OLIVER is also present in other divisions. Examples of this are teams such as Alzira FC and Sala 5 Martorell in the 2nd division, and also 3rd and 4th division teams such as AE Bellsport or Union Santa Coloma.

Jimbee Cartagena OLIVER
Jimbee Cartagena is already training with OLIVER with the aim of finishing the season in the best possible way.

OLIVER is also present in the 1st Division of Women's Futsal with AD Sala Zaragoza as well as in First Division clubs in France, Portugal, Malaysia, and Japan.

The presence of devices in so many teams with different budgets is a true reflection of our mission: democratise access to elite technology in all sectors of football.

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