Industrias Santa Coloma chose OLIVER as did 25% of the LNFS teams

After failing to qualify for the title play-offs last season, Industrias is relying on OLIVER and its monitoring technology to achieve great results next season. It will make its debut against Barcelona, the reigning champion, on September 10.

Industrias Santa Coloma is getting ready for the upcoming season: they hope not only to be competitive on the court but also that the fans will accompany the team.

To achieve even better results, they have incorporated OLIVER player monitoring technology, in addition to strengthening the team with two players:

  • Nil Closas. He recently won the 2nd division championship with Noia Portus Apostoli.
  • Bernat Povill. Former FC Barcelona player.

Futsal penalti Industrias Santa ColomaPre-season friendly game played against Ribera Navarra Futsal, which also uses OLIVER.

Starting over with a clean slate.

In addition to the incorporation of OLIVER and its player monitoring technology, a new coaching staff, led by Xavi Closas, has also arrived. The coach has already had a stint at the club in 1999 and comes to the club after winning a World Cup: he led Barca B to win the U-21 Futsal World Cup in Brazil. Also, the new signings and departures on the transfer market mean that next season will be a real challenge for the Catalan fans.

"I have fought hard to be able to coach in the First Division and it took me very little time to talk to the club about this new project and reach an agreement. I face it with great enthusiasm, but above all with a great desire to work for Industrias," said Xavi Closas, the new coach of the Catalan club.

The incorporation of a coach who knows the institution is part of one of the club's biggest objectives: to ensure that its identity is reflected in all aspects.

Santa Coloma Futsal - OLIVERThe coach already demonstrated his idea of the game with a 10-4 victory over Ribera Navarra on August 13.

Player monitoring technology, the best tool.

While the main purpose of OLIVER is to obtain player metrics, it also helps to control loads. This information is essential for the coaching staff to plan training sessions in the best possible way. In addition, a plus is injury prevention, which allows the club not only to take the best care of its players but also to save time, money, and resources.

All of these benefits have a direct impact on improved decision-making by the coaching staff, which will take the team to the next level.

"People will enjoy the futsal we intend to play," said Closas, who previously coached the club in 1999.

Xavi Closas - Santa ColomaXavi Closas, new coach of Industrias Santa Coloma (Photo: LNFS).

1 out of 4 teams in the LNFS choose OLIVER.

After a summer in which technology in futsal was in full swing, 25% of the teams in the first division chose OLIVER for next season. Cordoba Patrimonio de la Humanidad (it will be the third season with monitoring technology), as well as Ribera Navarra and Noia Portus Apostoli will have the latest generation of sports science for the 2022/2023 season.

Know more about Industrias Santa Coloma: fsgarcia.cat

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