Over 4M followers and took OLIVER to Qatar. Get to know Gomez Nawer.

He started uploading videos of his goals and his community on TikTok grew to unexpected levels. With an audience of +4 million, he managed to go to Qatar and put OLIVER on everyone's radar.

Social media, the ticket to Qatar.

Following his exponential growth on social media, Gomez Nawer put on his OLI and started measuring his metrics on #Qatar2022, where he is creating content to show his followers what the World Cup is like from the inside. That's where he added OLIVER to his routine, and both he and his followers can get to know all his metrics in detail.


Probando esta maravilla de @trymyoliver 😍😍 #publi

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Gomez Nawer´s Tiktok Profile

Jorge Gómez, the name behind the influencer, has also done challenges with great players and football stars. After many videos and a lot of hard work, he has managed to take his content to every corner of the world. In addition, Jorge studied Marketing at the university and plays football for a club, knowing that although social networks "give you a lot", any day that can change.

"I know that one day you can be at the top and another day at the bottom, that's why I've never dedicated myself only to social media" said @gomeznawer in an interview with Diario AS.


OLIVER, a differential in content.

OLIVER is proud that a content creator with such a massive football audience chooses to use the GPS tracker to reach the highest level and play like a PRO. 

ivan diaz infantes handing gomez nawer his oliver
Iván Diaz Infantes, former P.F of Atlético de Madrid and current member of the OLIVER Sales Team,
handing Gomez Nawer his OLIVER device.

OLIVER is an essential tool to interact with his data and becomes a plus for his challenges. Undoubtedly, this will be highly valued by his audience, who always enjoy seeing the influencer's challenges.

Find more information about Gomez Nawer, the football influencer of the moment.

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