OLIVER, the Tracker of Choice for Grassroots Football Tournaments in Spain

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For several seasons now, OLIVER has been the preferred choice for youth football tournaments in Spain. Hundreds of teams from dozens of countries use OLIVER’s GPS in their competitions. Learn why they chose OLIVER in this article. 

Grassroot Football, One of OLIVER’s Pillars

More and more clubs, academies, and youth tournaments are using OLIVER’s GPS to measure all the metrics of their players. Low cost, easy operation, and interactive interface are some of the reasons for OLIVER’s popularity in Spanish youth football. In addition, gamification is another key aspect that makes OLIVER a perfect solution for grassroot football, both for individual players and teams or tournaments.

Teams and academies such as Racing de Santander, Sporting de Gijón, Barça Academy, Real Madrid Campus Experience Foundation and tournaments like MIC, Donosti CUP, and Arenas de San Pedro are among many figures in Spain that choose OLIVER to train the next world-famous football stars.

OLIVER is the GPS Tracker of choice in Barça Academy

Which Spanish Grassroot Football Tournaments Use OLIVER?

One of the first Spanish youth football tournaments to start using OLIVER was the MIC which decided to incorporate GPS technology to measure every detail of the players in its 30th edition in 2022. You can find the best metrics in  this article on our blog.

In addition, another renowned campus to integrate OLIVER was the Real Madrid Campus Experience, where thousands of young players of the "High Performance" modality were able to capitalize on the advantages of the GPS Technology receiving a report with all their metrics at the end of the campus. Likewise, the Mareo Campus, organized by Sporting de Gijón, was also among the international campuses that made a bet on OLIVER.

Furthermore, the SWIT Cup International Tournament, in its first edition that exceeded all expectations, chose OLIVER as a GPS solution for its players. The next tournaments in which players are set to use OLIVER will be Arenas de San Pedro (June 9th, 10th, and 11th) and the Donosti Cup which will take place July 3rd – 9th. Last but not least, this year, the Marc Cucurella Campus will host its first edition in which OLIVER's Technology will be featured as well. 

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More than 70 countries sent teams to the Donosti Cup, one of the most international Youth Football tournaments.

How to Contact OLIVER to Boost the Performance of Young Players?

To incorporate OLIVER in tournaments, academies, and youth academies, you can contact our sales team by completing this form.
If you are a player and you want an individual tracker to improve your game, prevent injuries, and learn all the details of your performance, you can enter here to buy it. Additionally, we have a gift for you: if you send us a message on Instagram and tell us that you read this article, we will give you a discount code and free shipping worldwide, so that you get your GPS tracker as soon as possible.

Learn more about OLIVER and its benefits for Formative Football.

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