Here is the first Squad of OLIVER Ambassadors

OLIVER ambassadors

Intending to make more and more players aware of the possibility of having elite GPS technology, OLIVER formed the first team of 10 ambassadors who will put the name of the company at the top. Meet each of them in the following article.

All sectors of football.

OLIVER's mission is to democratize access to GPS technology for all football sectors, which until a few years ago was only used by the sporting elite. That is why the selected ambassadors had to reflect the company's values and share the mission of representing all sectors of football.

Thus, today OLIVER has ambassadors in professional, semi-professional, futsal, and youth football. In addition, the ambassadors are both female and male.

football ambassadors with oliver gps trackerThe videos of Debora, Hugo and Heidi are available on OLIVER's Youtube channel.


Hugo Rodriguez, Sevilla C.F - Youth Football

Andrea Álvarez, S.D Eibar -Women's Football

Aitor Puñal, Marbella F.C - Men's Football

Débora Queiroz, Sporting C.P (Lisboa, Portugal) - Women's Football

Maikerlin Astudillo, S.E AEM - Women's Football

Dani Romera, C.D Castellón - Men's Football

Michelle Romero, Zaragoza CFF - Women's Football

Meira, Jimbee Cartagena - Futsal/Indoor Football

Heidi Karina, Pumas (México) -Women's Football

Arhen Carrasquer, C.E Sabadell -Youth Football

In addition, the squad of ambassadors has many nationalities reflecting the cultural diversity that is being encouraged. Just as OLIVER is being used in more than 90 teams in 15 countries, our ambassadors had to represent the same heterogeneity.

For example, Andrea Álvarez is from Guatemala, Débora is from Portugal, Heidi is from Mexico, Meira is from Brazil, and Maikerlin and Michelle represent the Venezuelan national football team.

Of course, Spain has a strong presence in the squad with several representatives, also being the land where most of the OLIVER Ambassadors are playing.

OLIVER & Ambassadors: Values in common. 

One of the points in common between the ambassadors and OLIVER is their values. The squad is formed by players who are always looking to improve and perform at their best. They are players who enjoy football and do not hesitate to make a leap in quality to reach the highest level. 

OLIVER ambassadors are players who are passionate about innovation and inclusion, dedicated and committed to making sport and the measurement of metrics something fun. 

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