European League Of Football: Barcelona Dragons incorporated OLIVER PRO

GPS TECH American Football

OLIVER PRO's GPS technology arrives in a new sport: American football. With the Barcelona Dragons, the new generation of sports performance monitoring technology has reached the European League of Football.

Barcelona Dragons: commitment to innovative technology

The Barcelona Dragons are much more than an American football team; they are an institution rooted in Barcelona’s sports culture. With a rich history and a passionate fan base, the club has always sought ways to stay at the forefront of the sports world.

That’s why the incorporation of OLIVER PRO represents a significant effort to continue the club’s digitalization and professionalization, marking a milestone in its pursuit of excellence and innovation. From improving player performance to optimizing team operations, this partnership promises to propel the club towards a future filled with success and sustainable growth.

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The benefits of GPS Technology for American Football

GPS technology has transformed the way American football and all sports are trained and played. The sports performance analysis tool OLIVER PRO has two general objectives:

  • Boost performance

Thanks to the measurement of dozens of metrics, each coach and physical trainer can plan and personalize training sessions, aiming to improve the aspects of players that are less developed and enhance those that are already strengths.

Additionally, the OLIVER PRO platform allows for comparisons between players, taking into account multiple variables, generating reports, and providing access to a wealth of information clearly and concisely. In short, OLIVER PRO offers extensive information, and in today’s American football, information undoubtedly maximizes sporting success.

  • Prevent injuries

This objective is achieved through two main tools offered by this technology: Firstly, load control through precise metrics enables much more suitable and professional training planning. This provides physical trainers with the necessary information to make correct decisions and plan training sessions that would be unimaginable without Performance Analysis Technology.

Secondly, OLIVER PRO offers a key metric: return to play. Using this metric and thanks to sports science, the platform conducts personalised monitoring of recovering players. This metric helps prevent injury recurrence by accurately indicating when a player is ready to safely return to a competitive level.

Moreover, OLIVER PRO includes an "Injury Dashboard," where physical trainers can track each injury in detail. This dashboard helps clarify the overall situation of the squad and improves decision-making.

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American Football & OLIVER PRO, a relationship to talk about

The collaboration between the Barcelona Dragons and OLIVER PRO is more than just a partnership; it is a synergy of innovation and passion for American football. Undoubtedly, this success story will be the starting point for other teams in this discipline to access sports performance technology, professionalising this growing sport worldwide.

How to get OLIVER PRO for your American Football team?

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