World Cup winner and founder of his own club: meet the OLIVER ambassador.

Edmilson - OLIVER ambassador

José Edmílson, World Cup winner with Brazil in 2002, has been using OLIVER for more than two years at Ska Brazil, the club he founded. In the following article, we interviewed the Brazilian legend about training football, technology, the World Cup in Qatar - and his predictions - and why they decided to add more OLIVER devices to the club's structure for next season.

Ska Brazil, a factory of athletes.

After years of negotiating with the Japanese company Skylight, in 2019 Edmílson launched an ambitious project to start promoting grassroots football in Brazil with an exclusive technical methodology.

Years later with more than 20 players sold to big clubs, the club is positioned as one of the most promising youth academies in Brazil. Despite being only 3 years old (2 of them in the pandemic), Ska Brazil has a structure, commanded by Edmílson, with clear functions and specific values: Commitment, Respect, Joy, Creativity, and Humility.

Edmilson Ska Brasil football

"Ska Brazil is my post-race life project. I keep studying and updating myself every day to be a better manager. But I am in football because I believe I can make a difference in the lives of many young people, who even if they do not become professional athletes, will certainly become better citizens of society" commented Edmílson in his exclusive interview with OLIVER.

Incorporating OLIVER was a great decision.

Since 2020, Ska Brazil has been working with GPS technology to have precise insights into the players. The objectives are very similar to those of all clubs adopting the same approach (although with a specific focus on youth football):

  • Improving player performance and analyzing personal performance over time.
  • Preventing injuries, taking care of players, and saving the club money.
  • Achieve deeper knowledge of players' physical condition and minimize risks, enhancing performance.
  • Achieve professional metric parameters and plan training sessions based on records of elite athletes.
  • Motivate players, encouraging and also building confidence with the monitoring of metrics.


The results have been impressive, so from the second half of 2022, Ska Brazil will add more OLIVER devices so that more and more players can access these benefits.

Thanks to the recognition and contacts of the native of São Paulo, the intention is to take OLIVER to markets where Edmílson has close connections, such as Brazil, France, and Spain.

The future of football according to Edmílson.

The Brazilian star told OLIVER that he envisions an increasingly professionalized football in all sectors. This refers to both the management and the technical side, which will bring many benefits to the sports market and the training of new talent.

Jugador con OLIVER y efecto

"I believe that technology can only add to football. We have to understand that times are different from when I played football when there were few technological resources. For a club, technology is a tool that helps daily to improve performance, prevent injuries, for example, and have more and more important data for the training of athletes" commented Edmílson, ex-Barcelona and now president of Ska Brazil.

World Cup year, a unique year.

Edmílson played and won the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup with Brazil but had a different fate in 2006 when he was left out of the World Cup in Germany due to an injury weeks before the tournament began.

For José Edmílson Gomes de Moraes, the World Cup is no small thing and neither is football. Football not only changed his life, but it is also something that today he uses to change the lives of others.

Edmilson - football players Ska Brasil

"For me, football is much more than a sport. It is a tool for social inclusion that is very transformative, that changes lives, generates jobs, and fulfills the dreams of entire families, and on top of that, it brings a lot of joy and emotions to the fans. Winning the World Cup is an indescribable feeling and representing the Brazilian people is something I still don't find the words to describe. It was a dream come true" Edmílson reflected on football and the World Cup.

Finally, to close this interview article, we asked Edmílson the obligatory question: Who do you think will win the World Cup in December?

His answer was clear: "I think Brazil will win the sixth World Cup in Qatar".


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