Meet Débora Queiroz, Futsal player and new #OLIVERAmbassador

queiroz new Oliver ambassador

Débora plays futsal for Sporting Clube de Portugal, where she has been defending the green and white colors for 7 seasons now. She is 27 years old and has also played in Italian futsal. Débora is now looking to improve her level by incorporating GPS technology.

Mixed football, the starting point.

Like many women, Débora played football with boys as a child, but when she reached the age of 13, she could no longer be part of the team and had to put her passion aside. It was then that futsal came into her life and undoubtedly changed her life forever.

Débora became, after much effort, the first captain of the Sporting CP Juniors team. Over the years, she became a reference and star player of one of the biggest teams in Portugal.

It is never too late for improvement.

Débora is the best example of the fact that no matter where you are in your career, you can always focus on continuing to improve.

Débora Queiroz decided to take advantage of the predisposition of the coaching staff to bet on OLIVER and to have extra support from sports professionals. As a result, she is now the only member of her team using OLIVER GPS technology in every training session and game, achieving an improvement in her performance.

debora queiroz with oliver gps tracker

"In this way, athletes can have a more objective view of the progress they are making and how to continue improving, always with the help of the technical staff. In addition to being able to monitor the athlete loads, which helps to prevent injuries" Débora Queiroz, Sporting CP player.


Women's futsal, a lot of room for growth.

OLIVER has joined Débora Queiroz in its mission to democratize access to elite technology in all football sectors, including women's futsal. Débora is one of the first futsal players using GPS technology in Portugal and wants to help promote the use of trackers to help professionalize this discipline.

Currently, very few futsal teams use GPS technology, and even fewer women's futsal teams have access to it. OLIVER is here to close that gap. It is also a key aspect of making women's football professionalization something more accessible, as most players need another job.

"Unfortunately, it is still difficult to imagine, in the short term, the professionalisation of women's futsal in Portugal. That's why I combine futsal with the start of my career in the Prison Guard Corps" Débora Queiroz, OLIVER ambassador.


Why did Débora choose OLIVER?

Plain and simple, because it is the only GPS technology 100% developed for Indoor Football. Thanks to its positioning and the possibility of dispensing with GPS thanks to an accelerometer, futsal can take full advantage of OLIVER. It is for these reasons that 25% of the Spanish First Division teams choose OLIVER GPS technology.


"I got to know OLIVER after some research on the internet. I started this search because I wanted to objectively know the parameters of my performance and know in detail what I have to improve" Débora Queiroz.

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