Players measured their football data with GPS tracker

Campus Experience Real Madrid & OLIVER

For the second consecutive year, OLIVER was the GPS technology worn by young players from all over the world taking part in the unforgettable experience organized by Fundación Real Madrid.

Enjoying football, learning from the best and getting to know the values of Real Madrid are some of the most outstanding features of the experience, but according to the players, the best part is meeting new people from different cultures and parts of the world.

The total duration is almost three months and young players from dozens of countries attend every week with the same objective of learning about football and improving their skills. Those who chose the "High Performance" programme were given the opportunity to measure their metrics with OLIVER's GPS technology.

Campus Experience y OLIVERMore than 1700 children measured their performance with OLIVER in 2022 alone.

Technology GPS developed for all ages.

Many times "traditional" GPS technologies, such as vests, do not allow young players to measure their metrics, meaning many academies and campuses choose OLIVER.

One reason is the cost of each device: OLIVER is more affordable than traditional GPS technologies, so each young person can have their own device, facilitating their development and making the experience of measuring performance much more enjoyable.

Another reason, no less important, is the comfort and ease of use of OLIVER. As it is placed on the leg, size differences (something much more common in youth football) are not a problem at all. Moreover, according to the users themselves, the device is extremely comfortable, so young players do not need time to adapt to playing with the device. 

How did I play? #OLIVERExperience

Measuring one's own metrics for the first time is something that arouses a lot of curiosity in young people, so Campus Experience Fundación Real Madrid together with OLIVER seek to capitalize on this to the maximum and make performance monitoring something unforgettable.

Each player received the report via email and could see it on their phones.

For this reason, each "High Performance" football player who measured his metrics with the "OLI" device received a specific report on their performance at the end of the programme. That report, sent as a PDF, included not only the most important metrics (such as maximum speed, distance covered with and without the ball, striking power, among others), but also a heat map and a spider graph, where they were compared with the other players on the campus.

In this way, each player was able to observe in a comparative and precise way all the insights of their performance in order to continue improving their game.

The best Campus metrics.

After ten weeks and more than 1700 players’ metrics measured, some of the best statistics were:

  • ⚡Max. Speed reached: 30.7 km/h
  • 📍 Max. Distance travelled: 10.8 km (average 3.2 km)
  • ⚽ Max. Kick Power: 108 km/h 

OLIVER, the best ally for the players of the future.

The alliance between Campus Experience Fundación Real Madrid and OLIVER is just one of the many places where OLIVER is a key tool for the development of future talents in the world of football. Thanks to its advantages, OLIVER  is chosen by many youth teams such as Celta de Vigo, and Racing de Santander and renowned tournaments such as MIC Football.

This continues to make our mission to democratize access to elite technology to all sectors of football a reality, including in the #RevoluciónOLIVER to training football. 

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