Cacereño aims to be 3rd OLIVER team in Spain's top division.

Cacereño Femenino Con OLIVER Gps

After 20 rounds, the team from Cáceres is in 2nd place, 2 points behind the leader and in promotion zone. If they achieve this promotion, they will become the 3rd team using OLIVER in the First Division of Women's Football in Spain.

The green-and-white objective is getting closer.

Having played more than two-thirds of the competition, the dream of promotion remains intact. The team, increasingly solid and dynamic, is the main reason why fans can trust that they will fight until the end.

"We are a complete and versatile team that adapts to different game situations. Solid in defence and cheerful in attack, strong on set pieces and with a multitude of alternatives" said Tatiana Fernández, goalkeeper and captain of Cacereño Femenino.


After falling just short of promotion last season (finishing the tournament in 2nd place), this year it seems that the team has never been closer to making the leap. If the team continues to show the solidity and good football it has been playing, everything indicates that sooner rather than later, CP Cacereño will become a team in the Spanish First Division.

While they are not in the first place, that is occupied by FC Barcelona "B", who cannot achieve promotion due to being a reserve team. This situation places Cacereño in a direct promotion zone, avoiding the more unpredictable playoffs.

Oliver Tracker Gps Futbol FemeninoCP Cacereño facing Rayo Vallecano in the Spanish Second Division.

UDG Tenerife and Sporting Club de Huelva put OLIVER at the highest level.

In case of achieving promotion to the top flight, Club Polideportivo Cacereño will meet two other #OLIVERteams that are already competing at the highest level: UDG Tenerife and Sporting Club (Huelva).

Both clubs have been using OLIVER for several seasons, achieving amazing results and reducing, to a large extent, injuries to their players.

In the Second Division, OLIVER is increasingly present.

In addition to Cacereño, OLIVER is present in several teams. To start with, Fundación Albacete Femenino and CD Juan Grande have also equipped their squads with OLIVER GPS technology. To put it in percentage terms, almost 20% of the teams in the First Federation (2nd Division) have chosen OLIVER as their GPS solution.

"It doesn't generate any discomfort, from the beginning that we started using it, it's like you're not wearing anything. It's the first time we've used something like this and the truth is that it's quite favourable for everyone," said Nerea Sánchez, second captain and forward of Cacereño Femenino.


Cacereño Femenino Entrenando con Tecnologia GpsOLIVER is used in both training and matches.

Some players have chosen to supplement training in their respective teams with "OLIVER for players". Examples of this are Andrea Álvarez (player for SD Eibar and the Guatemalan national team) and Maikerlin Astudillo (player for Secció Esportiva AEM and the Venezuelan national team). Both Andrea and Maikerlin have become ambassadors for OLIVER, with the aim of democratizing access to quality GPS technology for all players in the world.

"We decided to incorporate OLIVER due to the importance that technology is gaining in the world of sport, to better control the training process and thereby obtain higher performance values. For the club, it is the first time using GPS technology," said Edu Barroso, physical trainer of Cacereño Femenino and in charge of GPS.


The GPS device for all clubs. In addition to the aforementioned teams in the First and Second Divisions, it is also used by clubs in the Second Federation (3rd Division) and First National Division (4th Division). OLIVER is increasingly positioning itself as the most complete GPS on the market and ideal for women's football, without neglecting accessibility, innovation and inclusion.

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