Barça Tracker: The Revolution in Football Player Technology


The Sports Tomorrow Congress 2024 marked a milestone in youth football with the launch of the "Barça GPS Tracker." This innovative device, developed by the Barça Innovation Hub in collaboration with OLIVER SPORTS, promises to change the way young players experience the game.

Made in La Masia, the cradle of the Barça philosophy

El Barça GPS Tracker is not just another device on the market but is specifically designed to enhance performance and integrates artificial intelligence to suggest personalized improvements. Thanks to its placement on the leg, it allows for the measurement of many more metrics than other GPS trackers.

"It's not just about getting the data from each game and training session, but knowing what to do with them. That's where Artificial Intelligence comes in, understanding each player's improvement aspects and showing them a video on how to improve," commented José Gonzalez Ruzo, CEO of OLIVER SPORTS.

In addition to the above, this GPS Tracker aims to enhance the values of the FC Barcelona philosophy: respect, effort, ambition, teamwork, and humility. Its interactive and gamified interface motivates players to adopt this philosophy, encouraging them to give their best in every training session and match.

The Barça Tracker is used on the player's dominant leg, allowing for metrics to be measured that no other tracker does.

More than a Device

If FC Barcelona is "Més que un club" then the Barça Tracker is "Més que un device." In simple terms, it not only improves physical performance but also promotes socialization and friendly competition among players. With challenges, rankings, and other integrated features, young footballers can connect, share experiences, and motivate each other.

This tool also allows all Barça fans to play and compete from anywhere in the world but within the culé ecosystem, an experience never before seen in the football world.

"The Barça GPS Tracker represents a new era in sports technology, combining the values, methodology, and legacy of FC Barcelona with OLIVER SPORTS innovation" said José Gonzalez Ruzo, CEO of OLIVER SPORTS.

The Barça Tracker features functions that undoubtedly motivate players, as well as enhancing socialization through sports.

Let the Game Begin!

Following the presentation of this product at the #SportsTomorrowCongress2024, the exclusive pre-sale of 100 devices kicked off this new culé experience. These units are now on sale and can be purchased with a special discount until March 31st.


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