Barça Academy World Cup 2023: OLIVER measuring metrics in the finals

barca academy world cup
152 teams from 19 countries representing 34 Barça Academy and Barça Academy Camps competed in the latest edition, where OLIVER was used to measure metrics in the finals of each category. The iconic tournament of the Blaugrana institution kicked off the partnership between the Barça Innovation Hub and OLIVER GPS Technology.


Pre-pandemic levels and 50% growth.

More than 1600 young players in 152 teams and nearly 4000 family members from four continents shaped this edition, which managed to reach the same levels as before the pandemic and also achieved a 50% growth compared to the 2022 edition.

A total of 533 games were played in this 2023 edition, and among the 152 teams, they scored a total of 2,374 goals, averaging 4.06 per match.

Oliver en barcelona
OLIVER was present with a physical space where players and families could learn all the details of GPS technology.

OLIVER, GPS Technology for Finals.

After the historic agreement between Barça Innovation Hub and OLIVER, this tournament was a starting point to begin boosting not only the tournament but also the OLIVER product.

 5m x 5m (2)
Some of the data that the GPS devices threw in the finals of the Barça Academy World Cup 2023. Learn more about the metrics in the finals here.

Finally, we share with you the results of the tournament finals:
Sub8 - Barça Escola Barcelona Blau – Barça Escola Barcelona Groc 5-1
Sub10 – Barça Escola Barcelona Blau – Barça Academy Fukuoka 5-1
Sub12 – Barça Academy Varsòvia 0 – Barça Academy Camps Itàlia 2
Sub14 – Barça Escola Barcelona 4 – Barça Academy Dominicana Blau 4. Penaltis: 3-1 
Sub14 Femenino - Barça Academy Japón 1 – Perfeccionament Barcelona 1. Penaltis: 2-3
Sub12 Femenino: Champion: Barça Academy Japón. Second Place: Barça Escola Barcelona

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