Badalona Futur. The club continues innovating, now with GPS technology

badalona con tecnologia gps futbol

After the merger between UE Costa Brava and CF Badalona, Badalona Futur was born, a club that innovates in many aspects and is already making history. It incorporated OLIVER to measure all the metrics of the first team, in addition to enhancing performance and preventing injuries.

Currently playing in the 2nd RFEF, the team is not resigned to the possibility of fighting for important things. However, there is one key aspect for Badalona Futur: it is a new club, and so are the players. Most of them have never played together, so a clear objective is to adapt quickly and make Badalona Futur a team that performs at its best. Although the tournament has not started the best way, the team is undoubtedly already exciting the fans.

"For the first part of the tournament, the objective is to be close to the play-off places. Then, in the second half of the season, we will perform in a better way and try to achieve important things" Oriol Alsina, Badalona Futur's coach.

badalona-tracker-gps-oliverThe club is already measuring its metrics with OLIVER.

GPS technology, another club innovation.

Badalona Futur looked to OLIVER's GPS technology as a tool that could be adapted in the quickest and most effective way for the coaching staff. As a new club, it is vital to find an optimal operation as soon as possible, and OLIVER comes to help in this aspect as well.  The objective is simple: to have more and more data and make better decisions.

OLIVER, which is placed on the leg, was very well received by the players, who saw a big disadvantage in the vests: discomfort. For their part, the coaching staff is already taking full advantage of the benefits of GPS technology in training and games. 

badalona-football-metricsDuring the training sessions, the physical trainers can monitor the loads to plan all the details for the next game.

"OLIVER allows us to make a lot of decisions and see the performance in training and games. In addition, we can make comparisons between players of the same position by specifying the metrics" Oriol Alsina, Badalona Futur's coach.


Although Badalona Futur is a young club, its strength is that it has no ceiling. The club has the possibility of growing a lot, but always with the eyes put on consolidating the team and laying the foundations for further growth.

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