GPS technology, one of the keys of Alcoyano for this season

Jugadores Alcoyano Entrenando Tecnología GPS Fútbol

Alcoyano competed during the last century in the most important divisions of Spanish football and months ago managed to escape financial relegation. For this season they are looking not only to stay in "Primera RFEF" but also to improve on last year's excellent season. To accomplish this, they have incorporated OLIVER GPS technology and experienced players to reinforce the squad.

Not only morality but also history.

Although CD Alcoyano has been playing for many years in divisions far away from La Liga, it was able to play seasons in both the First and Second Divisions in the middle of the last century. In recent years, they have redoubled their efforts to return to compete in the elite, where they have shown that they can be strong. The best example of this was the "Copa del Rey" game in 2021, where they eliminated Zinedine Zidane's Real Madrid.

-Controlling our metrics forces us to improve our performance, to work harder during training sessions- Álvaro Vega, CD Alcoyano player.

Alcoyano tecnología OLIVER
Players already train with the OLIVER GPS tracker, placed in a calf sleeve.

Effective management to achieve results.

For next season, Alcoyano will try to put aside the ghost of administrative relegation that has been haunting them for the last few months. The main objective of this season is to stay in "Primera RFEF" and be as competitive as possible. 

To this end, the "backbone" of the team was maintained and experienced players such as Pedro Sánchez, who played for many years in the Second Division, were signed.

Also, CD Alcoyano signed an agreement with OLIVER, to incorporate GPS technology into its training sessions and matches. In this way, the team will make a considerable leap in quality, being able to monitor the players' loads, make better training planning and also prevent injuries.

Juan Francisco, Physical trainer - Alcoyano
Juan Francisco, the physical trainer, talking to the camera and telling what it's like to work with OLIVER.

-We chose OLIVER because we saw that it was a new technology and we are convinced that it can help us during the year and the training process- Juan Francisco, Physical Trainer of CD Alcoyano.

The new generation of GPS technology.

CD Alcoyano has opted for OLIVER because of two key benefits: comfort and quality. Being placed on the leg does not bring the discomfort issues that vests bring with them. In addition, both the tracker and the platform used by the physical trainers are top quality. They allow comparisons between players, segment timelines, and improve decision-making with an injury dashboard.

OLIVER en Alcoyano

-I prefer to wear the tracker on my leg. I find it much more comfortable than the vests, you practically don't notice it when you wear it on your leg- Álvaro Vega, CD Alcoyano player.

Although OLIVER is a low-cost tracker concerning the other options on the market, it has all the features that a physical trainer and coach need to leap in quality along with the technology.

- We seek to control parameters of the efforts made by the players, such as distance and high-intensity runs, accelerations and all the information provided by OLIVER Juan Francisco, Physical Trainer of CD Alcoyano.

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